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Quick Recap: =>HEADSUP: Here’s how to get the latest DennisAndBarb products for zero cost!


Barb Ling here and tomorrow, Dennis and I are going live with our latest:

Fast Track to Coaching Authority and Profits!

As you might be aware, coaches can put a premium on their services….

‘waaaay more than the $17 or $37 or $97 other products might command.

Now this latest release (which will show you how you can earn *while* learning how to become a coach in *any* niche)…

Well, for some folk, it will be zero cost to them.


Well – access to our W+ offers is just one of the *many* benefits that our coaching gives you!

Not only that, but coaching members *also* get all of our upsells that are priced below $50 (after the 7 day trial period).

Thus, if you join DAB Group Coaching today, in just 7 days you can get our latest (or immediately if you opt for the one pay option).

The total pricing on tomorrow’s launch goodies are $78, but that will rise quickly because of the dime sale.

Imagine…. just this *one* benefit will save you more than the price of 2 *complete* months of coaching (and we come out with new W+ offers just about every month (sometimes several times a month!)).

There’s a lot of benefits to our coaching, especially access to both Barb and I by email and by our monthly ask-us-anything webinar, which will be next week.

The Warrior Plus access is a very small part of the benefits, as you’ll see.

Thus, don’t miss out and check out the additional glorious benefits you’ll gain (far too numerous to list here):


Grow strong,

Barbara “More buy buttons!” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps – if you don’t want to join our group coaching just yet, simply watch for our offer tomorrow morning.

Or, choose to get it for zero cost:

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