Quick Recap: =>==> HEADSUP: Done For You: 60 Day Coaching Site? (Audio *and* written, perfect for ALL niches!)

Hey there,

Barb Ling and very quickly…

I’ve been emailing you these past few days about how to increase your bottom line profits by becoming a niche coach.

But you know… it might seem that getting started is daunting.


Ever wish you could have 60 lessons… already done for you…. *along* with written notes as well?

Well then!

Dennis Becker (the Dennis half of DennisAndBarb) recently added to our Coaching offer…   THIS!

“Dennis Becker here, the other half of DennisAndBarb and DABCoaching.com,

I understand. Setting up a coaching program on your own, of your own, is intimidating.

Regardless of your experience level already, imparting that knowledge and experience seems like something that will take you forever.

I know. I’ve been there, felt that.

And for that reason, even though I felt I could be a great coach (I had lots of experience from failing, and then having to take the time to overcome that failure, that I could help people avoid, at the very least), and even though lots of people asked me if I would coach them… I was afraid to start.

Those days are past, and unfortunately I can’t get all those years of potential coaching income back. But…

I can help YOU get started.



Even today!

You see….

One of my mentors over the years has been Sean Mize.

Sean wrote the book on coaching, and finally convinced me some time ago to “just do it”.

You’re doing a huge disservice to your followers who need your guidance, if you procrastinate like I did.

So here’s the deal.

Remember, Barb Ling and I purchased Sean’s accounts and products, so we’re licensed to provide them to you.

You can offer Sean’s 60-day coaching program to your customers, along with my own notes on the 60 sessions, for a one-time charge that is so low you’ll gasp in amazement.

==> Catch that one time?

And here’s the thing… while Sean and we have previously sold access and PLR to the 60-day coaching program, some have not been a fan of Sean’s audio format, so my notes make this offer extremely unique and valuable to you and your customers.

And not only will you be able to offer the 60 lessons with notes, but you won’t even need to set up your own site. << HUGE!

See, setting up membership sites is what I do all the time, and in the beginning it was mind-boggling.

There Were The Endless Decisions, Like…

How do I keep track of the customers? Where do I upload the lessons? How do I secure the content? Do I use an autoresponder to deliver the lessons, or some other method? If by email, what if some of the lessons go to spam and the customer says they didn’t receive them? And what about support? And on and on and on.

So… since those questions have historically kept marketers like you from starting a coaching program, I’m going to provide the answers, and leave you with just these steps…

  • Decide on a price
  • Set up a PayPal payment button (it’s simple, trust me)
  • Add a page to your WordPress blog, or with HTML (your choice) and insert the payment button onto it (I’ll provide you with the swipe file for the page if you want).
  • When someone signs up you just send them to a special page we’ve set up on our site, providing your customer (who has paid you already!) with a coupon to get free access to the coaching lessons.

We’ve already set up the drip feeding (one lesson per day) so you don’t have to!

We’ll handle the customer support. << HUGE!

In the unlikely event that your customer asks for a refund, you simply tell us and we’ll remove them from access.

Of course, if you want to get a feel for the lessons themselves, you can be your own first customer (and if you ask us, we can give you instant access to all 60 lessons rather than having you wait for the drip feeding)….

==> Grab it all here!

Take a peek and see for yourself….

You’re going to love what you discover!

Barb Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

 ps – Remember – we do ALL the customer support…. you just collect your membership fees!

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