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PS:  Want to know the full range of goodness?  It includes:


Killer Openers In Sales Letters


Here is a sneaky amazon.com technique that will guarantee you never are stumped with how to open your sales copy again!


How to Overcome Skepticism


Your prospect needs three things before they will buy from you. First, they have to want what you offer. Second, they have to afford it. Third, they have to believe you deliver on your claims. That’s called skepticism. Here are some practical solutions to turn those prospects into buyers.


An Advanced Sales Tactic – The Red Herring


Here is a way to close clients, to present the price of your information product and a whole lot more using a “relative comparison” technique. This is slick and diabolical, and the result is that it makes your offer look like a deal – no matter what price you charge for it.


How to Write Sales Letters In Your Head


Jason is a copywriting madman who once wrote 7 sales letters in 30 hours. You can only do this if you know a technique for writing them out in your head first. Here’s your chance to learn how…


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Jason Fladlien’s Success In 20 Minutes


Jason breaks down the five levels of success to you in 20 minutes, and how you can hit all five at the same time!


The Commitment & Consistency Principle


Jason discusses perhaps the most powerful persuasion element of all time – and how to systematize it, to get people to build up a “self image” that is in alignment to purchasing products from you.


Why Ethics In Business Is Over-rated


First of all, most people misunderstand what “ethics” in business really are. Second, they are not even that important to focus on. If you focus on profits the RIGHT way, you will automatically align yourself to run your business ‘ethically”.


What To Do When Starting At Ground Zero


New to the Internet marketing game? Or been in it a while and still have nothing to show for it? It’s time you take control of your Internet marketing destiny. Jason lays out what every beginner should do if they’re starting at ground zero


The Real Truth About The Law Of Reciprocity


There are two ways to use the law of reciprocity – there is the typical way, and there there is the “exponential way”. Modern day consumers have grown old of the typical way… so here’s a better strategy for tapping into this powerful persuasion tool.


A Better Way To Get Copywriting Clients


Most marketers try to teach you the “traditional” prospecting way to get copywriting clients. Jason advises you don’t listen to them. Do this instead…


The Glory of Grunt Work


There are certain kinds of “grunt work” that attracts money. Few people do these tasks, and therefore few people end up rich. Jason isolates what these tasks are, and gives you strategies so you get pleasure from actually doing them.


Alternative Article Marketing Strategies


If you’re just using ezine articles and other article directories, you’re missing the boat. Here are some simple article marketing strategies that will get you a lot more exposure – and traffic – that traditional article marketing.


How to Conduct Ask Campaigns


Sometimes the best way to give your list exactly what they want is to simply ask them what they want. However, there is more to it than that. Here is the straight-talk truth about ask campaigns and when you should consider using them.


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Creating Impossible To Ignore Hooks


In order to be successful in marketing, you need to stand out from the crowd. You do that with hook. Jason shares his master list of 8 hooks, and how to use them to create marketing communications that are impossible to ignore.


How to Sell Solutions Instead Of Products


This simple “focus shift” was the copywriting and marketing breakthrough Jason needed to take his business from 5K a month to 10K a month. Follow along so you can experience that same “focus shift”


A Guide To Positioning & Branding


Does branding have a place in Internet marketing? And if so, where? Well, it does, but not where most people think. Positioning is also extremely valuable to use to gain market share. Figure out how an Internet market can tap into both successfully.


How to Be An Offline Consultant


Offline consulting is a gold mine, even for struggling online Internet marketers. But not everyone has what it takes. Watch this seminar to see if you are up for the challenge to mine the gold in offline consulting.


The Key to Joint Ventures


Joint venture traffic is great because you leverage someone else to deliver a flood of traffic to your website for you, then just give them a cut of the profits. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Here’s the real way to tap into joint ventures and use them in your business.


Master Story Telling In 7 Days Or Less


We are a culture that is conditioned to respond to stories. They are what really make your marketing stand out, grab attention and “sell” the reader on your offer. Most people think they can’t tell a good story… but it’s simple once you know a few formulas. Watch this seminar to find out what those formulas are.


Two Best Online Business Models


If you want to break down how to make money online, it usually falls into one of two business models. Discover what those business models are, and use them in your own business to make it much more profitable.


Creating A Responsive List


Your list is going to be the best traffic you get – if you treat them right. Here is how you build a relationship of trust and quality, so you can get insane conversion rates on your offers to your lists.


Customer Service For Internet Marketers


Customer service is a necessary evil for most Internet marketers. How do you handle it most efficiently, and more important how do you turn it into a stream of income? This seminar will show you how.


One Time Offer Strategies


Jason shares with you some simple ways to squeeze out an extra couple thousand dollars with every offer you make… even if you don’t have more than one product to offer. If one time offers were a mystery to you before, they no longer will be after watching this seminar.


How to Overcome Negative Conditioning


You parent, teachers, friends and well wishers have probably led you astray. If you grew up in a normal society, you were programmed to think negatively. That is the biggest barrier to success in business. Figure out how to overcome it by listening to this seminar.


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The Ultimate Niche Market Research Plan


One of the biggest struggling points online marketers have is locating and exploiting a profitable niche. After watch this seminar, that should no longer be a problem at all. It all starts with picking the right niche. Here is how you do it…


Problem Solving Strategies For You And Your Clients


Internet marketing boils down to solving problems. You should have a good strategy for doing so – both for yourself and for your customers. Jason discusses with you his strategies that have not only made him very successful, but also an in demand coach s well.


All About Email Headlines And Topics


Headlines and your topic selection are two of the most important elements in your email marketing. Headlines especially – there is a whole new approach Jason has invented for email headline writing that you should adopt and use in your own business. Learn all about it when you watch this seminar.


How to Get A Flood Of Good Ideas


There is one simple way to attract “good ideas” to you without even trying. And it’s not what you probably think. Jason shares with you strategies for getting hundreds of great ideas effortlessly.


The Art Of Controversy


Using controversy in marketing can be a double edged sword. It can either get amazing results, or make you look like an idiot, and have you lose a ton of credibility. Jason discusses with you the “art” of judiciously using controversy to get better results with your online business.


Using the Telephone To Enhance Internet Marketing


When most people think of Internet marketing, they only think of computers. And that’s a pity because there is a goldmine of potential when you combine the power of the Internet with a telephone. And no, where’ not talking about telemarketing. Something much more profitable than that…


The Secret Of Three Modalities


Jason Fladlien is a master at crafting irresistible offers. He uses a secret technique called “Three Modalities” to do so. Discover what it is, and be amazed at how easy it is for anyone to use.


How to Handle Failure


Fear of failure is the number 1 problem that causes Internet marketers to procrastinate. Jason shares with you no-nonsense strategy for diffusing this fear of failure, and instead focus on a more resource mind state.


Dollar Per Subscriber Case Study


Jason built a list of over 3,000 people in 10 days using a “dollar giveaway” offer to recruit JV partners. Was it worth it? Did he end up losing a ton of money? Is it something he’d recommend to others?


How to Use Webinars For Marketing


Jason credits webinars for a large portion of his 100K plus income in 2008. In this interview he shows you how he used them for marketing to break the 10k a month ceiling he had been previously struggling with.


More Copywriting Clients


Are you a copywriting trying to land more gigs? Or would you like to jump into the exciting and lucrative field of freelancing copywriting? Jason shows you the best ways to accomplish this.


Package Selling Vs. Cafeteria Selling


Must marketers don’t even know the difference… and that’s a shame because there are some simple ways to tweak the presentations of your offer to get the highest perception of value… find out how, and when the best time it is to use these techniques.



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All About Interviews


Robert interviews Jason about giving great interviews, and also how go out and interview other people. Straight to the point and filled with actionable information.


How to Get Massive Responses From Your Emails


Want people to take you up on your call to action in your email? There are simple ways to make this happen. Never send out an email again that is met with the “crickets chirping”. Instead, use it to get valuable feedback, to have people post to your blogs in record numbers, and buy your stuff!


How to Work For Long Stretches Of Time


Have a looming deadline you must meet? Or would you just like to kick your productivity into hyper drive for a short period of time? Then this is the seminar you need to watch. Listen in as Jason tells you how he once worked for 20 hours straight.


Money Making Firsts


In this seminar Jason talks about the first dollar he made online, first $1,000, first $1,000 in a month, first 5k in a month, first 10k in a month and beyond. He breaks down what was different for each milestone, and how he was able to reach them.


Best Investment In Internet Marketing With Jason Fladlien


Jason breaks down what his best Internet marketing invest of all time where – and surprisingly, they are NOT what you think. In fact most of them are not related to the Internet at all. He also gives some sound advice that should help you spend your cash wisely when buying Internet marketing material.


All About Headlines


Beside your offer, the headline is the most important element of your sales copy, and is by far the most important element in email writing and article marketing. Check out this seminar as Jason walks you through his techniques he uses to create headlines for any occasion, and what his secret weapon is.


How to Double Your Article Marketing Output


Jason shows you 3 separate strategies, that when combined together should allow you to double you article marketing output. He gets into presentation styles, outline methods, and how to “leverage” existing content to create 100% unique content.


How to Recruit Affiliates


One of the best ways to take your business to the next level is to recruit and train affiliates. It’s not easy… but it can be made systematic with the right approach. Listen to this seminar as Jason shares with you his techniques for hooking affiliates in, and persuading them to promote.


Jason Fladlien Typical Work Day


How does Jason start his day? What are the tasks he focuses on? What you can take away from this and implement into your own daily schedule? A lot. One of the biggest secrets to success and productivity is the paradoxical concept of regimentation mixed with flexibility. Learn from a real world pro.


Neurological Chemical Theory of Human Behavior


Have you ever wondered what motivates you, and what makes you act a certain way? Jason Fladlien did, which allowed him to develop a theory that since has been “proven” to work.


It’s all about how you brain interprets the environment and then triggers certain chemicals to be released in your body which makes you feel a certain way. This is important, because if you want to feel confident, focused, happy, or whatever, you’ll know discover an easy way to do so when you watch this seminar.


Organize Your Business For Max Productivity


Getting a lot done has little to do with strategy, and mostly to do with optimizing your work environment and your “internal environment”. Listen in on this seminar as Jason walks you through the best process for organizing your business in a way to achieve peek productivity.


Best IM Business Models For Beginners


One of the biggest reasons people fail to make money online is they either don’t understand the concept of a good business model, or they don’t even know what one is, or how to work it.


Jason did this seminar to give you the best business models to use if you’re just starting out in Internet marketing, so you can get it right right away. This is valuable stuff for anyone – beginner or expert alike.


The Proper Internet Marketing Mind State


When it comes to successful in marketing, mind state is more important than information. The greatest information in the world is worthless if you can’t motivate yourself to act on it.


In this seminar, Jason shares with you what mind states you need to acquire, and gives a systematic approach for obtaining those few, valuable mind states.



==> See it here!





Technicalities Of Doing Interviews


Here is a seminar Jason conducted on the technical aspects of recording interviews. Interviews are some of the best and easiest information products to create, but most people never use them because they are scared of how to get started.


Jason solves all your technical problems for you, so you can jump into the interview game and use it to immediately grow your business.


What To Know Before Joining A Coaching Program


Can you benefit from a coaching program? Probably. But only if you approach it the right way. In this seminar, Jason breaks down for you who should and shouldn’t consider a coaching program… and if you do get coaching, how to get the most value out of it.


How to Make A Difference In Someone’s Life


Jason Fladlien examines some of the “hidden” values you as an Internet marketer bring to the table. Once you know these hidden values, you can make your marketing more impactful to your audience. These are ways to enhance your customer relationships that your competition is probably unaware of.


Building A Responsive Email List From Scratch


The most valuable asset you have in your online business is your email list. It’s the best targeted prospects for your offers, and it’s instant traffic in a click of a button. Don’t have a list yet?


No worries. Just watch this seminar and discover not only how to build an email list – but train them to be responsive to your offers.


Give Your List What They Want


This is a seminar that shows you how to uncover the exact needs of your list, and then use those “hot buttons” to present to them offers that they can’t refuse.


Should You Use Solo Ezine Ads


Ezine ads are a great way to get traffic, and it’s a strategy often over looked by most marketers. However, there are times when you should – and times when you shouldn’t – use this strategy. In this seminar, we cover everything you need to know to profit from Ezine ads.



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