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Quick Recap: =>ENTIRE Profit Suite for hugely popular Clickbank niche?

Hey there,

Barb Ling here and its been updated to 2.0!


To be a successful affiliate marketer in ANY niche, there are certain things you need to have, and certain things you need to do

  • You MUST build a list

No matter what niche you are working in, you must build a list. 95% of the visitors you send to even the best converting affiliate offer will not buy first time. With the right traffic, and the right offer, a lot more WILL buy given time, but unless they are on your list, most likely it will be through someone else’s link.

Do not send traffic direct to an affiliate page – give them a reason to join your list first, THEN send them to the affiliate offer.

Which brings me to the second thing…

  • You MUST offer value

First, this value must be given right away when you get the potential customer to join your list.

So this means that you must offer a GREAT reason for them to give you their email – by giving them something they really want, something of true value that they would even be happy to pay for.

A crappy ebook will just not cut it anymore.

And the third thing…

  • You must CONTINUE to provide value

Once someone has joined your list, you’ll start to send them emails, right?

But always remember, it’s not JUST you who’ll be sending them emails – you and a thousand others. You know how busy your inbox is, all the junk that arrives there – your subscriber’s inbox will be EXACTLY the same.

You must give them a good reason to open YOUR emails. You must build that relationship, make them actually LOOK FORWARD to your next email hitting their inbox.

Which is where:

==> Done For You Entire dog Training Suite!

Comes into play!  To wit, it comes with:

Component #1

High Quality Video Giveaway

I have sourced 5 top quality dog training videos, ideal to use as a giveaway for your new subscribers keen to learn how to train their dog.

These videos are by Online Dog Training Expert Daniel Abdelnoor, and are the perfect presell for the Clickbank training membership site you will be promoting to your subscribers.

I have researched all the best dog training products, and chosen a Clickbank product that is exceptionally high quality, with sky high conversions… and which of course pays out RECURRING commissions!

Every time someone clicks through and joins the dog training membership site being promoted, you will earn commissions – and not just once, but MONTH AFTER MONTH!

These videos are set up in a way to maximise your conversions, using the next part of this pack…

Component #2

Mobile Responsive 2 Step Opt In Squeeze

You also get this high converting squeeze page – all you have to do is add your optin code & a few personal details, upload it to the net, and you’re good to go! The reason you need to add the personal details is because it comes complete with ALL the legal pages you need – Terms of Service, DCMA, Legal Disclaimer & Privacy Pages.

This is a modern, stylish squeeze page, fully mobile responsive with a 2 Step Optin – proven to increase conversions.

You don’t need any technical ability to edit these pages – you can do it all in a simple text editor like Notepad, and full instructions are included.

Component #3

Fully Monetized Download Page

The videos have already been set up for you in a professional download page for your new subscribers.

All you have to do is add your affiliate link and uploaded the page to your server, so that when your subscribers take the next step and click through for more training, ALL sales will be through YOUR Clickbank account!

As well as creating a professional impression with your subscribers at this crucial stage in the relationship building process, you are also making sure that YOU will get credited for all future sales.

Again, remember this is a recurring product – you will earn commissions not just once, but MONTH AFTER MONTH!

It’s waiting for you!

Recurring products make ‘way more sense than one-off products…

And this makes it easy to cash in on the dog training niche today.


Grow strong,

Barb “More Commissions!” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps – Bonuses too!

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