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Barb Ling here and …

Did you know you can take the material offered here and create your own profitable product funnel from it?

In a nutshell….

Let me ask you:

Ever wish people bought from you first online, no matter what niche?

Ever want to make products without having to learn the material first?

Or ever wish you were seen as seasoned authority online complete with over a years worth of quality content?

How much money could you make if you already possessed those thousands of pages of authority-building resources?

* 1K a month?

* 3K a month?

* 10K a month?


Well, youre in luck today.

Dennis Becker and I are offering a Flash Sale Fun goodie for the 4th volume of (and btw, the first 3 received Deal of the Day) :

Quick Content Volume 4: 325+K Premium IM Words Content with PLR for Multiple Uses Including Memberships

And in a nutshell


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Were talking brand new PLR content most of which never before released:

1. 85,000+ words approximately of content from Daily Seminar, a membership site with content created by Jason Fladlien and Robert Plank.

There are 15 long seminar transcripts (average is 4,800 words each), on the following topics:

A Guide to Positioning and Branding

All About Email Headlines and Topics

All About Headlines

All About Interviews

Customer Service for Internet Marketers

How to Recruit Affiliates

How to Write Sales Letters in Your Head

Neurological Chemical Theory of Human Behavior (yes, this does apply to Internet marketing and what you do!)

Popup Tactics

Seminar Tactics

Software Principles in Internet Marketing

Super High-Impact Front Ends

The Key to Joint Ventures

The Real Truth About the Law of Reciprocity

The Ultimate Niche Market Research Plan

Next, you’ll have waiting:

2. The BEST handpicked Sean Mize goodies, including (were talking 23,000+ words in the following lessons:

3 Components that have to be in Place to Build Your Online Business

A Guaranteed Tactic to Beat Your Competition

An Exact Plan and Strategic Example for Tripling Your Revenue in the Next Year

Champion=Presence Based Marketing

How to Build Success Out of Failure

How to Create a Master Product Plan for Your Business

How to Find Out What Challenges People Have

How to Move Customers Through Pricing Levels in Your Funnel

Maven Influencer Blueprint YouTube Focus

Quick Tip: How to Take Risks That Build Your Business

Tactics to Keep the Cash Flowing in Your Business

The Secret to Generating Buzz with High Quality Content

The Traffic Firestarter

Why Youre Not Achieving Your Business Goals (and what to Change So You do)

(and ooo, youll love this:

*** transcripts of the entire Reverse Funnel System course, an utterly brillant course, that when implemented, unlocks your potential future profits (to the tune of 4 times or even more). This package, *alone*, is worth hundreds of dollars and yet is included in this extremely special launch.

And you know what this means?

It means that you will possess over a YEARS worth of massive quality IM authority content

you could use for all sorts of things (blog posts, coaching and/or training, paid membership site content, bonuses for purchase of a product of your own or as an affiliate, used as scripts for Youtube videos or podcasts, etc.)

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And the enhancements?

They’re so astoundingly good:

* Resell rights to this huge amount of content so you can keep 100% of the commissions

* PLR and resell rights to the entire 169 Daily Seminar videos and audios

* Covert Affiliate Authority

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Seriously, you can apply this evergreen content to any niche imaginable.


Grow strong,

Barb Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

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