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1. Creative Copywriting: How to Get Started

Copywriting process can be divided in small and simple steps to ensure that everything goes smooth and you don't get a writer's block! This checklist will help you to be confident that your ideas, as well as your copy, are as compelling as it can be!

2. Copywriting Hacks for Appealing Content

When it's all said and done, your customers decide, with their money, if your copy is good or not. And these powerful hacks will help you to make sure your copy will make them open their wallet even before you publish it!

3. How to Do Copywriting Research

Research is a big part of successful copywriting. This checklist will help you do your research in away that it will allow you to find your customers' biggest pain points and position your offer as the best solution!

4. Copywriting Tools and Resources

Copywriting sometimes can become complicated. But fortunately there are tools that can make the process WAY easier! In this checklist you will find the best tools and resources that will make writing as simple as can be!

5. Copywriting Techniques Taken From Psychology

When writing a persuasive copy, psychological techniques can be very powerful... It's very important to pull certain triggers in your prospect's mind to achieve the results you want! In this checklist you will find the most POWERFUL copywriting techniques taken from psychology that will make your visitors drool over your offers!

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