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👍Quick Recap: Flipping domains made simple? (profiting via easy sites to make and then flipping them for a cool: eCom Flips


Barb Ling here and want you something thats quite…. newbie friendly?

Well then!


==> eCom Flips!
Link at end

Your Benefits:     You flip craved sites and profit from the Shopify/eCom craze without having to do ANYTHING with traffic, list building, SEO and more!  Really spectacular concept.


Brief pithy and to the point:

Want to profit from arbitrage…..

Via something that has all of the following?

  • This method that’s totally newbie-friendly…
  • Make $100 – $200 in PURE profit with just a couple of hours of very simple “work” (we’ll show you how to do everything inside)
  • Rinse and repeat as many times as you wish…
  • You can easily do 2-3 of these per day, and make $200 – $600 in PROFIT daily!
  • You don’t need a list or any sort of design skills or experience…
  • No paid traffic, or anything complicated required…


  • You don’t need any design skills or prior experience to make these sites…
  • The sites don’t need any traffic…
  • And, these simple sites don’t need ANY proof of sales!

Not only that but:

==> You can have your first site up-and-running within a few hours from RIGHT NOW!


Some of the benefits include:

  • It’s easy for anyone to make money IF they follow the right strategy!
  • You don’t need to build a list or a following to get started!
  • Just follow what they teach: it’s simple methods to get your sites to sell
  • You can be making $150-$200 per day in your spare time if you start today…..
  • Done right, lot’s of repeat customers….
  • It is a simple, rinse and repeat method and good part of it can be outsourced….

And the enhancements?

How to *drive* converting traffic so your flips move into the $800/$1000 territory…. (definitely check this out)

…. 4 additional ways to increase profits from your sites (backed up by a 42K launch case study)

==> Start your journey here, it’s a meaty 100+ page pdf plus 9 videos if you prefer video learning

And because this is a solo offer, buy the first upsell thru my link, send me your receipt and I will send you:

Domain Flipping Power

My own collection of the best domain flipping secrets online!

Sounds good?  I think so – eCom is a huge money maker these days… but actually doing it yourself?  Why not just build and sell the sites that go for such profits?


Grow strong,

Barbara “Buy Buttons I Choose You!” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps: What else will you uncover?  Behold:

Here is what is included:

  • Module #1 – Quick – no-fluff overview showing you the inner working of this powerful strategy. You’ll be up to speed on all you need to know very quickly!
  • Module #2 – How to find hot, in-demand products that you can use to build your store in about 10 minutes… When you follow our method and use the right products, people will compete to buy your store…
  • Module #3 – What’s in a name? Everything… We’ll show you have to snap up the perfect domain name for just a few bucks!
  • Module #4 – Watch over our shoulders as we show you EXACTLY how to build your HOT, in demand store (automated dropshipping store) and sell it for $150-$200 starting with a  FREE trial! (Plus… We’ll give you a quick tip that can BOOST your earnings to as much as $600-1000 per flip)
  • Module #5 – We show you how to LIST your HOT in Demand eCom site for sale. We give you a “copy and paste” listing template that makes buyers fight over YOUR listing…
  • Module #6 – Tips and tricks for selling your newly created eCom store for the TOP dollar (We’re also including a real cool twist on this method that gets you multiple sales with 1 auction!)
  • Module #7 – How to quickly transfer your site to the new owner and most importantly… GET PAID! (We’ll let you decide how you spend your money!)



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