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It’s really cool!

The Virtual Coach is part of the DAB Coaching Skool, the IM Profit Seekers.  In a nutshell, there’s only 1 question you need to answer, 1 question only!

And it is this:

Ready to turbocharge your online revenue? 🚀

Before you even think about clicking away, let me covertly reveal some coolio details about why joining our I.M. Profit Seekers is the smartest play you’ll make for your personal growth.  Behold!

It’s Zero-Expense!  That’s right, your wallet can stay snug and happy in your pocket.

Super Simple Sign-Up: Quick and painless—just how we like it. Need a photo? Any avatar will do if you’re not in a selfie mood.

Expert Community: We have been building communities since 2006, so trust me, we’ve got the secret sauce!

Exclusive Content: From your personal accomplishments to solely IMPS-members promotions in our Subscriber’s Market—this is your fresh returns arena.

Gamify and Gain: Like posts? Generate likes? Watch out for rewards rolling your way for engaging content!

Convinced yet? Come on in and discover firsthand for yourself!

👉 Join Us!

If you’re already a Skool enthusiast, just apply to join our group. We handle approvals with a personal touch, so a tad bit of patience is golden.

First time at Skool?  Sign-up is easier than popping bubble wrap! Pick out your bestest avatar, profile image, etc., and then rockNroll into our welcoming community.  You’ll definitely be most pleasantly surprised at how friendly we are! We know that everyone started as a beginner – you, me, my best student Elon, my pal Bill Gates, etc.etc.etc.

Thus, there is no such thing as a silly question!

In the I.M. Profit Seekers community, we are completely focused on enabling you to boost your earnings up up and away! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned promotional maven there’s something in our friendly Fellowship of the Ring no no, wait, wrong movie… ah yes!   There is something for everyone.  🙂

So what will you discover?

Let’s break it down: Skool is super intuitive.  DAB has set up a few tempting starter categories—General Discussions, Success Stories, and their Members Market.

You can showcase your creations by posting links to your own sparkling fresh deals, or your JV pages in the Members Market (and of course, remember to keep it original).

Plus, don’t be shy with those Success Stories! Post ’em and prepare to receive thumbs-ups galore. More interaction means more learning, and naturally, more earning.

Got friends who might be interested? Pass along this golden ticket:

👉 Invite Them with You!

Wishing you a day as spectacular as that perfect morning cup of your favorite beverage, ☕

Barb Ling and Dennis Becker (another Virtual Coach!)
DAB Coaching

P.S. There’s a classroom inside the community where Dennis has just dropped a sizzling video series—more exciting goodies are coming Soon!

(Plus…. about gamefication, ready for some thrilling competition? We’re rolling out a leaderboard to spotlight our top members based on their posts. And guess what? We’re planning to shower our monthly leaders with some exclusive rewards. Stay active, climb the ranks, and you could be our next superstar!

👉 Check out the goodness there!

P.P.S:  In closing, let IMPS be your launchpad to higher net results from your business endeavors… you’re going to adore what you discover!

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