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💝 Day 71 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I will let my past goofs… GO.

Tell yourself today: I will let my past goofs GO.  Day 71 of the Self Confidence Challenge

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Yesterday, we discussed the benefits to learning from your past goofs.

And now that you’ve taken that into account… we have 2 more action items for you to pounce upon!  And the first is:

… giving yourself permission to LET GO of those goofs… and move on.

To wit:


I can truly honor and realize how good it feels to keep beating yourself up about the psat.

Thing is…. it doesn’t affect just YOU….

… refusing to let them go… affects those you love as well.

Not only do you deserve better…. but your loved ones do as well.


Obligatory Steven Universe Goodness!  Episode 63, Cry For Help

Oh my flapping earlobes, this is a HUGELY powerful episode.  We’re giving a very painful glimpse into Pearl’s lack of self-confidence and valuing herself.

The repercussions from this episode continue for days.

See for yourself:

Steven Universe – A Cry For Help by comicninja06

Not to mention:


And if you want to get the lowdown on Steven Universe, check out my

Good stuff indeed.

So to recap everything imaginable….

Dwelling on your past hurts your family too.  Let it go.

You’ve got this…


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