Want to make money off the sweat of my brow? Be my guest.

  • Maybe you’ve used my products to become an online expert in your niche and you’ve loved them because they work.
  • Maybe you’ve mastered online marketing on your own, but you’ve never created a product of your own to sell and would like some passive income.
  • Maybe you think people should buy one of my products because it truly teaches what it takes to make a living online.

It doesn’t matter which group you fall into. I’m here to help you make money, and all you need to do is say yes. The hard work? I’ve taken care of that for you.

One of my most important philosophies is that you’re never too successful to help others. So I’d like to help others learn the secrets to online marketing… and help you make money.

Your reward for having the same philosophy of helping others (while earning money doing it) is a special invitation to join my affiliate program.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

You take the products I’ve developed from my 15 years of expertise in online marketing and promote them to your people. It’s that simple.

You can do this any way you choose – send an email to your list, put an advertisement button on your website, or write a blog post reviewing my product. No matter how you do it, you’ll earn a commission on every sale.

That’s my way of saying thank you for putting my product in front of more people and helping them improve their authority, visibility, web presence, SEO rankings, traffic, and online income.

Affiliate Program Basics

The affiliate program is “First Cookie” (meaning the first person to promote a link/resource gets the affiliate commission).

Payouts are every 2 weeks on the 15th and 30th day of the month.

Affiliate Commission is 50%.

You’re helping them. So let me help you.

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