Quick Recap: ==>🤫The entire BOOMER value-packed course you’ve been waiting for – 0 cost

Brief, pithy and to the point:
3pm EST, tomorrow, we’ll be delivering a HUGE action-packed zero cost class.
Here, let my partner explain:
“I want to make sure that you don’t
miss out on what will be a truly
special and content-filled webinar
that we’re holding tomorrow.
Barb Ling and I normally invite you
to a monthly DAB Group Coaching “ask-
us-anything” webinar about this time
each month, and this month we’re going
to definitely over-deliver on that.
We’re holding what we call a Boomer
MMO Blueprint webinar.
It’s not just meant for potential
marketers that are in the baby boomer
age group, though that’s what it is
called (because both Barb and I are
baby boomers ourselves).
It’s for those who are retired, soon
to be retired, unemployed, under-
employed, maybe displaced due to the
pandemic, or just in need of extra
income and not wanting to take menial
labor outside the house at minimum
wage rates…
… or those wanting to start building
a real entrepreneurial business.
We’ll show you exactly what it takes
to build a business that will provide
for your family and desired lifestyle.
This will be a free webinar, and if
(and only if) you register (and hopefully
attend live), you will get a recording.
You’ll want the recording because it
will be intensive and you’ll want to
review it in the future.
You’ll want to attend live because
you’ll be able to ask questions.
We will also provide a copy of the
Powerpoint slides, because there will
be links that you will maybe want to
visit that we won’t have time to
show on Thursday (tomorrow).
We will also provide some special
surprises after the event, if you
sign up for and remain on our special
email list (that will deliver the
recording and slides).
After the live event, we’ll be
packaging everything up and selling
the package, probably at $97.
But you can get everything for free.
Register here:
The webinar will be on Thursday,
July 29th at 3 p.m. eastern time.
Don’t be late. We start promptly
on time.
I really hope that you can join us!

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