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In video marketing, the more traffic you get…the more you convert.
So if you’re only posting your videos to YouTube…you’re missing out on tons of traffic AND potential sales.
Here’s the thing. What marketers don’t want you to know is that there’s a neat little trick that will 10X the traffic you get from ANY video.
No, you don’t have to spend hours setting up this trick or even hire someone else to drive your traffic.
All you need is one powerful app that will upload your video to 7 different times to 14 different sites.
This is what SyVID does for you hands-free.
And the best part? You can save $40 on this powerful app today.
SyVID is a brand new app that lets you automatically syndicate your videos to multiple video sharing websites.
Here’s how SyVID works for you:
Step 1: Choose a video to upload via SyVID, your video will be uploaded to 7 major video sharing websites.
Step 2: As soon as your video is uploaded, using SyVID you can automatically shares your video link across 7 traffic packed social media websites.
Step 3: As your video picks up more views, Google ranks it higher in their search results and in few hours you’ll be generating crazy amount of free targeted traffic.
Using SyVID, you can take the videos you’ve been creating for yourself and your clients and turn them into traffic pulling, page #1 ranking assets.
Forget about manually generating traffic to all your videos. SyVID lets you get 10X more results at a fraction of the effort.

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Get $40 off on SyVID Lifetime Access with code “pks40”:
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