Passive clicks & sales from Instagram? 👀

FACT: Instagram is the 2nd biggest source for traffic generation.
The only problem is that it’s not easy to build and grow an Instagram profile. Posting, liking, following, DM’ing, engaging work… Here’s an easy way to automate all of these:
Now, imagine this.
What if you could schedule months’ worth of Instagram posts, automatically, like, follow, DM, and even finds targeted leads on Instagram to engage with and convert into buyers…
…all on auto-pilot, with just 15 minutes of work?
You could grow your own Instagram profile to 1000s of followers and help local businesses do the same and get paid to do it without actually spending days on Instagram.
That’s what bInsta app and InstaMarketer Addon do for you.
bInsta is a whitehat Instagram automation app secures your accounts from being shadowbanned while doing automated tasks.
No need to manually create and post content.
No need to manually follow active users.
No need to manually message your followers.
All these are automated for you and done 100% hands-free.
Best part? bInsta also finds targeted leads on Instagram…
…and auto-DMs them to convert them into buyers, followers, and email subscribers.
Catch this live with my InstaMarketer Addon thrown in FREE.
Full Scoop on your FREE InstaMarketer Addon here:
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