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Barb Ling of the Virtual Coaches and….


You’ve most likely heard of ChatGPT and how its the next best thing to unlimited coffee or caffeine.   Why?  Well, folks who really take their learning up to the nerdth degree have discovered ChatGPT can:


🙀 Code software


🙀 Rewrite or even create from scratch, any sort of content like blog posts, articles, video scripts (although if you DO create the written content, please – ignore those marketers who say, just upload it straight as is (as Google can detect and smooshilate straight AI-articles) and make sure to add your own unique voice/tone/style to it))


🙀 Help you copywrite your own sales pages


🙀 Assist you in developing your own affiliate marketing emails


🙀 MORE!  (so so so very much MORE)


Just like you have addition and subtraction, and then you ALSO have Advanced Multi-Dimensional Calculus, there’s a huuuge range of difference between:


😃 Simple (tell me 5 funny analogies for this phrase)




🖖 ‘Waay more advanced (“You are a career expert, specializing in helping your client determine 10 types of online work would best meet the client’s needs.  

After you determine that, you will then provide your step-by-step reasoning that explains HOW you came up with each of your suggestions.

From there, you will suggest 10 AI tools that can help your client increase the amount of income they can generate, and how each tool contributes to that.  

Finally, you will provide 10 ways the client can start making money online with the help of the AI tools you suggested  Your tone should be warm and confident….”)

💎  And everywhere in between.  🙂

Now, those “‘wayy more advanced” thingees are called ‘Prompt Chains’ and assist ChatGPT in providing you with the info you need to achieve your results faster than you could do on your own.


That’s one reason why this is SOOO cool:

We’re talking 50 big long prompt chains, already done for you (so you don’t have to learn the MultiDimensional Calculus, I mean advanced prompt writing, yourself!


💎  Click HERE to see!


You’ll adore the bonus we include as well, but let’s talk about that in the PS, okay?


Back to this nifty goodie… lookie at some of the yummies it gives you:

🖖  It will help you remake all these assets for you too!

🖖  And!  When you buy thru our link, you’ll discover the below prize is waiting for you…

The Future Is Waiting For You…

You’re going to *love* what you discover.

Grow Strong,

Barb Ling and zee Virtual Coaches

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PPS:  If you’ve snagged a product through our link with one of our custom bonuses, you already know we don’t mess around. We deliver top-notch resources and ideas that other marketers can only dream of.

 Yeah, you’ll see others throwing tons of lackluster PLRs or generic products your way…

… but our bonuses are a different breed! They’re brief, they’re pithy, they’re to the point…. and they ALSO do value YOUR time so you get what you need… quick (not to mention, with zany humor too!).

In fact, they’re so good that we should build a launch around them. Quite simply… you won’t find this kind of quality anywhere else.

* * * * *
Here, see for yourself:  Our Customized Bonus will Deliver to You on a Virtual Silver Platter:



It will be completed soon…. and you’ll gain:

Powerful goodies for you when you need inspiration in your writings…

🚀 … or image creation….

🚀 … or video making ….

You’re going to discover how to instantly banish inspiration-block (which is like writer’s block, except it addresses ALL areas of creativity).


And as my background IS in Internet Search…. you just *know* you’re going to adore what you discover.

You can’t get this ANYWHERE else…

Except from us.  Because that’s what we do.  We’re dependable like that, see.
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