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🧰 Using your toolbox to go “bonk!” or build this for you instead?

Editor’s Note:  Totally forgot to mention this.  🙁      — Editor, who is about to explain:   




I neglected to tell y’all that the replay of yesterday’s webbie is now available (for only 3 days).  You can access that goodness by clicking here and

🛑 Actually, wait!  Before I provide you with the replay, earlier, I received a comment from a person whose wisdom I truly value:


“It appeared to be just a big phoneHome about (something really commonplace)”

My immediate reaction?  Given I’m *the* New and Improved BarbLing with (added mindfulness and sass!), I’ve found that wielding my magic coffee cup is far more effective than, say, communicating with the subtlety of bubble-wrapped sledge hammers that go “boom!”…  and instead, took a much needed nap.

Naps are good.  I like naps!   But I digress.  😀

Anywhos, after waking up and having a fantastic 2 hour dinner/convo with the husband, I realized that many non-dev people including my cherished friend might think the same thing….

… because they’re lacking an experience that guaranteed, only I, Barb Ling, on this planet, possess.

I’ll share *that* experience in another email, but regarding the replay?

Here’s my response to the comment:

“… It’s like saying, “Im under the impression that a hammer demonstration is just a big commonPlace way to beat in other people’s various appendages.”

Sure, it *could* be used for that.   

But it could also be used for *so* much more, like helping you build a mansion.  And heck, y’all know AI Art bases its work on those of others too, right?  

But that’s *just* the *base*.   It then goes and AIs it.

Train Chatgpt on sales pages that convert, and then ask it to provide its inspiration for *your* new product sales page.

In a nutshell, that is one small part of what Remixable does.




Honestly, this suite is SO incredibly powerful, you have to remember the following.

🦸‍♂️ “With great power, comes great responsibility.” 🦸‍♀️

Think YOU can handle that power of:


🦸‍♀️ *Finally* seeing the joy of $5-7k days?

🦸‍♂️ Training ChatGPT to a particular style of sales pages and then letting this tool remix any sort of content with anything else?

🦸‍♀️ Using this tool to mix/match product images/your images/AI images/millions of zero cost stock photo images/etc and making YOUR sales pages easy as finding that all-important needle in a haystack made OF needles

🦸‍♂️ Simplifying *your* ability to profit and build up your bottom line… long term?

‘course you can.   So Click HERE to visit the Replay… and get ready to hold onto your socks, ’cause they’re a’gonna be knocked off BIGTIME while you’re watching!


Barb Ling and the Virtual Coaches

PS: Remember.  Think of how the really successful folk profit online.  



🙁 Create their own software…


🙁 Build their own funnels…


🙁 Write $10k sales letters…


🙁 Basically become a six-figure elite marketer….

Like my good friend Chris.  (side note – I love being able to say that as it’s the truth!  We’ve been emailing daily).


And you might be thinking… thinking… “that’s WAY too hard for me!”


You’re right!


That is.. unless you use Chris’s bizarre new “CHAT-GPT HACK” method.


This is an utterly brilliant trick that Chris has used…

To make 65k THIS MONTH (March 2023) with sites like ClickBank, Warrior & JVZoo.


If you missed the call earlier…


>> Grab the, well, *wow* replay here!


Here’s how Chris himself explains it:


“…EVERYONE knows they “should” sell their own product.

But let’s be REAL: it’s way too hard for 99% of people!

That’s what makes this method so INGENIOUS:

❌ NO NEED to create a product ❌

❌ NO NEED to drive any traffic ❌


❌ NO NEED to design or create ❌


❌ NO NEED to do any writing ❌



That’s because OTHER PEOPLE (genius marketers) do the work…


They make millions… prove something works…


Then you (and Chris) come along and “remix” the ideas.


It’s ALL about thinking outside the box… and it’s also highly profitable.



BUT: if you missed… the replay is still here!



Like I say, Chris doesn’t often do these webinars.


📌 And wow… what was shared.





Barb Ling and the Virtual Coaches


PS – I’m too tired to write a PS.  All I’ll say is, go in with an open mind and think of being able to mix/match/blend/write… ALL via the power of AI.  Click HERE to watch!

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