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FlipGuardian brings authors, publishers, entrepreneurs and small business owners together in a revolutionary new way to publish, manage and deliver their content.

You can use FlipGuardian to publish Articles, Books, Brochures, Catalogues, Company Information, Flyers, Journals, Magazines, Manuals, Maps, Market Research, Menus, Newsletters, Reports and more.

In addition to lead and payment gateways that can be triggered anywhere within your content…

you can also create password protected gates to securely deliver content for clients, members, followers and fans or for business partners.

Yes, FlipGuardian is quite effective, however, it only allows you to create content and articles.

If you don’t have a way to properly sell it, then it’s no good!

This is why today, I’m also giving you FlipBooksX as a free Addon so you can offer more services and get more commissions passively.

My FREE FlipBooksX Addon lets you access a page builder and PR booster which boost your page or your website’s page rank right away. You can easily manage the links across the sites that you manage. 

It also includes a tool that finds UNLIMITED relevant backlinks…with a few clicks of your mouse.

All these extra features are for FREE only today.

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