🦊 Ready-to-sell mobile apps for local businesses – 100% DFY

Love it or hate it, this pandemic has changed how businesses work.
In fact, local businesses are taking the heat…especially with compliances of social distancing and are losing customers since months.
Here’s a way to help them setup a “Zero Touch” based local business system.
Imagine this: You walk into a pizza shop, scan a QR code with your phone and a mobile friendly online store for that specific Pizza Shop opens up.
You pick your pizza, pay online and done.
✅ Social Distancing…CHECK
✅ Local Business makes a sale….CHECK
✅ You get paid $2000 by local business to create this system….CHECK
With the new Forrk app and LocalApps Addon, you can do exactly this.
Forrk helps agency owners, marketers, and freelancers to Whitelabel this COVID-proof solution and make money.
The solution helps small businesses, shops, and restaurants to follow social distancing and allows you to build a Scannable QR code + custom online store for the said small businesses.
Their customers to scan the code and order the products without having a direct contact with the store owner, waiter, or the store attendant.
I gotta tell you this though. Speaking as an online marketer myself, I did notice a few things that you won’t read anywhere on the sales page:
See, to truly make money with Forrk, you need a way to create professional-looking  funnels so you don’t look like some amateur, and then be able to advertise your service across Facebook, Google, and so much more…
…you’ll also need professionally-made mobile graphics so your mobile app looks sleek, high-end, and worth every penny your local clients will pay you.
All these are MISSING from Forrk.
This is exactly why I’m throwing in my LocalApps Addon FREE.
Everything missing from Forrk as an app, everything you need to properly sell it as a service, is exactly what my Addon gives you.
Full scoop on Forrk + LocalApps Addon (free today):
Remember, these will launch today at 11 am EST, 3 hours from now.

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