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🚀 Viral Leadgen suite + FREE SurvAIGold Addon

Imagine if you know what your social media followers in Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn want to pay for.
My SurvAI with my SurvAIGold Addon solves this.
Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn + SurvAI = Easy Viral Leadgen
And today, you get survey funnels, lead generation suite, and agency websites from my Addon for FREE.
Get SurvAIGold before all the free copies are gone. You get:
👍 SurvAIGold Ready Funnels-100 NEW ReadMadeFunnels
👍 SurvAIGold Giveware-100+ NEW giveaways
👍 SurvAIGold Autoresponder – Unlimited
👍 SurvAIGold Affiliate Funnels – 8 NEW affiliate sites
👍 Customer-Intelligence Agency Website
Pick it up for FREE today. Pretty soon, this returns to its original price.
SurvAI is a cloud-based app that you create customer-intelligence surveys and lets you run surveys on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn or pretty much anywhere you want using just a keyword.
You can segment responses, detect positive/negative sentiment, and even run surveys on Facebook messenger.
Generate a report in a click and offer it to clients for a $500-$1000 fee.
Sadly, SurvAI is INCOMPLETE.
💥 You’ll need a website for your Customer-Intelligence agency.
💥 You’ll need ready-made funnels to use the surveys on.
💥 You’ll need an autoresponder to collect all the leads.
💥 You’ll need affiliate funnels to monetize these new leads.
These are missing from SurvAI but included in SurvAIGold FREE Addon.
Do yourself a favor and pick up SurvAI with SurvAIGold Addon and not some random bonus that won’t help you make money.
Only SurvAIGold supercharges your SurvAI app.
Get your FREE Copy of SurvAIGold Addon here:
Ask away. Email me back and I’ll answer your questions.

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