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MegaSuite is the ONE and ONLY app you need to launch your very own marketplace in minutes.

It allows you to launch an entire, fully loaded business marketplace with over 5,000 assets built in as well as over 58M customer database.

And the best part?

As an early founding member, you get FREE exclusive perks today that basic users normally pay $97/year for.

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Why is MegaSuite a HUGE deal?

With MegaSuite, you can activate your own marketplace and in one-click import the DFY Multimedia Assets you’d like to sell…

…and PROFIT by Collecting Payment automatically through multiple payment options & deliver the assets.

Using MegaSuite, you can help local businesses reach millions of new users in minutes…and charge them $2000 or more doing that.

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Look, I want to help you out.

It’s time you finally got your hands on this amazing app that 99% of marketers aren’t even offering yet.

To help you get started, I’m giving you these for FREE:

XtraSuite Empire Builder – Build an empire of niche sites

XtraSuite Agency Site – Ready-made agency website

XtraSuite SocialNeos – Viral traffic plugin

Ad Unit Pro –  Easily create your own ad units

All these are yours at ZERO cost right now. But once the founding members’ offer expires… the price will go up.

So if you want it, you absolutely MUST get it right now.

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Feel free to ask away. Email me back and I’ll help you out.

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