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Testimonio helps you collect video, audio & text testimonials to massively boost sales for ANY business.

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Listen, I’ve been reviewing this brand new app called Testimonio for a week and I’m absolutely blown away with what it can do.

Testimonio is packed with useful features that lets you:

  • Create, preview, edit and delete up to 50 testimonial campaigns
  • Profile branding capabilities
  • Collect video, audio, and text testimonials
  • Brand video sharing page
  • Quick analytics preview
  • Track visits, plays, and clicks per video
  • Workspace capabilities to manage up to 10 clients

Sound good? Let me make it better…

I am giving you free access to my TestimonioMaker Addon which has the amazing features that are missing with Testimonio.

TestimonioMaker gives you an unfair advantage over other agency businesses by turning your new leads…

…into real buyers and real money using readymade agency website and client finder app that finds client for you.

When you have TestimonioMaker, you won’t end up doing tons of manual work to properly sell this as a service and earn big.

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Ask away and hit the reply button. I’ll help you out.

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