👉 Your FREE access to LocalApps has been reopened.

Sorry about yesterday. Let me make it up to you.
So a lot of you weren’t able to pick up the last 15 free copies of my LocalApps yesterday because of their server meltdown.
Let me make it up to you. Today, I’m adding a HUGE app called DFY LocalHosting and extending the free download link to the next 30 people today.
That’s right. Today, you get unlimited 24/7 webhosting you can use for your agency website…all at ZERO cost.
In summary, here’s everything you get FREE through my link right now:
  • DFY LocalHosting *NEWLY ADDED*
  • Forrk Commercial and Agency License
  • DFY LocalAdsCredits – $500+ FB/Google/Pinterest Ad Credits
  • DFY LocalSites – 100+ Local DFY Funnels
  • MobiSite LocalGFX Suite – DFY mobile graphics suite
Get yours fast. This limited-time deal closes as soon as my free copies run out.
What exactly does Forrk + LocalApps Addon do?
>> Create a custom mobile-friendly local business store using tons of templates
>> Add any payment processor
>> Generate a QR code for customers to scan and access the store
>> Sell this entire package to local businesses for $2,000 and up
>> Training included
That’s it. In a few clicks, you too can create and sell the same technology that McDonald’s, Starbucks, and other big brands are using as you’re reading this.
But here’s what the sales page won’t tell you: Forrk is INCOMPLETE.
🚩 First…you have to spend tons to advertise your service across Facebook, Google, and other traffic-heavy sites so it might take a while to get new clients.
🚩 Next…you have to pay $100s just to get a secure 24/7 webhosting for your agency website and your apps.
🚩 Then…it doesn’t let you create professional-looking funnels so local businesses will be hesitant to buy this service from you.
🚩 Lastly…it doesn’t give you stunning mobile-friendly graphics so your mobile app looks sleek, high-end, and worth every penny your clients will pay you.
LocalApps Addon solves this and then some. And it’s all yours FREE today.
Make sure to get your free copy here before it returns to its $97 price.
Get FREE LocalApps Addon with your Forrk app here:
Feel free to email me back with your questions. I’ll personally help you out.

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