🏈 The ChatGPT Secret of Prompt Goodness


The Virtual Coaches and Barb Ling here and brief, pithy and to the point:

In a nutshell, let me ask you – do you recognize the image below?

Gosh, that was the *first* thing *I* thought when it came to Chaining ChatGPT Prompts *together* ….

(Are memories flooding back?  Conjunction Junction, what’s ChatGPT’s Function?  Hookin’ up Simple Prompts and Makin’ ’em go right….

(aka, chaining ChatGPT prompts TOGETHER… it is SO Unbelievably powerful).  And yes, the lyrics *might* have been a wee bit different back when I was your age….  but as always, I digress.   🙂  )   

I’ve been using ChatGPT since, well, it came out… and there is one insanely useful way to tackle it!

It’s surprising nobody else has written about it!

But that’s not all.

This person has also realized that one aspect critical to your ChatGPT success is:

>>  The *Quality* of YOUR Prompts  <<

And what do I mean about ‘quality’?

Well, did you know you can take the output of one prompt and feed that into your next prompt, take *that* output and feed it *again* into ChatGPT, again and again?

💥 Know what *that* means?

That means you’re *really* fine-tuning the specific question you’re asking ChatGPT… which means you’ll be ‘waaaaay closer to generating the BEST content imaginable… better than 95% of other users.  95%.

Thus, when you ponder upon what’s suggested, you’ll think to yourself “Self,  Get me this right now!

Not only that, of course.   Buy thru our link, you’ll also receive:    




NOBODY else is offering this… it’s worth the price of admission itself!   It gives you:

💎 57+ Creative ChatGPT Affiliate Marketing Prompts so you can generate for yourself the BEST customized way to promote affiliate products…..

💎 AI Tools *outside* of Affiliate Marketing that Still Help Bunches…



And the entire suite itself?  Well! We’re talking:

💎 Includes *NEW* “A.I. Whisperer” Software (Cloud-Based App – connects to GPT AI)

💎 First, Browse The “AI Whisperer” Black Book To Understand The AI Landscape

💎 Second: Browse The “A.I. Whisperer” Templates & Select The DFY “Prompts”

💎 Then, “Chain” The Prompts In A Sequence To Beef up thy Bottom Line With AI!

💎 Includes $100 to $400/Day REAL LIFE AI Profit Case Studies

💎 Unlock The AI Goldness With This CUTTING-EDGE Software + Video + EBook Suite.

💎 Profit With Chat GPT, MidJourney, OpenAI & Many More…

But remember, You can ONLY gain that bonus above when you invest via our link!

Intrigued?  Well then…

Check it out right now!

You’ll love what you discover.

Have a strongly spectacular day,

Barb and the Virtual Coaches

PS – And the enhancements…  


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