🏆 Get 10X more engagement with Social Videos. [Holiday Coupon]

Here’s a question for you. Log in to FB, Instagram, or any major social site…
…what’s the FIRST thing you see?
That’s right. Those little round circles that over a billion users watch every day.
Simply put, social stories have an untapped potential that can get your videos and ads 10x more views. And today, you can use it to your advantage in 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Grab StoryReel – our brand new mobile video software that members are using to generate a truckload of free traffic from stories.
Step 2: From there, edit the text, add your call-to-action, add pumping music, cool fonts, awesome icons, eye-popping images, text-to-speech voice overs in multiple languages and more.
Step 3: You’re done! Download the video and share it to Instagram, Facebook and more in seconds.
Try it yourself…all at $30 OFF today. Use my Holiday code “PKS30” today.
StoryReel is the fastest and easiest way to create story-style videos that work.
Its powerful dashboard gives you:
  • Ability to create videos that get 10x traffic and sales
  • In-app text-to-speech technology to add real life-like voice-overs
  • 72% conversion rate from your viewers (FB confirms that)
  • 100 Tested & Proven Stories Video templates
  • Get award-winning MILLION dollar traffic generating videos
  • Create Stories Videos using StoryReel cloud dashboard
  • Easy to use Mobile App to share your stories videos on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook groups, pages, profiles, or anywhere
Sure, traditional style of videos still work. But with StoryReel, you get much less competition with billions of untapped audience you can convert.
No need for any video or creative experience. StoryReel is the easiest way to get ahead in 2021 video marketing.
And today, you can get $30 off using my special Holiday discount code.
Get $30 off on StoryReel Lifetime Access with code “PKS30”:
If you have any questions at all, email me back and I’ll personally help you out.

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