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Here’s what I noticed: Most marketers talking about VidzFX don’t even know what it really does and what it’s missing.
Don’t buy VidzFX without picking up the VidzFXpress Addon, which you can get for FREE only today, through my link.
Want real results fast and easy? Then VidzFXpress is a critical Addon to your VidzFX. It usually costs $97 but all yours for free today.
You get all these for FREE with my VidzFXpress Addon:
  • VidzFXpress Genie
  • FXpress GIF Animator
  • FXpress Branding
  • FXpress Content Builder
Make sure to pick up this up before all my free copies are taken.
VidzFX makes special FX video creation fun, fast, and profitable.
I don’t usually say this, but you really should get the VidzFX with my VidzFXpress Addon because it’ll give you a kickstart vs other users.
You see, VidzFXpress Addon is what truly automates VidzFX as a done-for-you tool for special FX video creation.
Unlike most users of VidzFX, if you use it with VidzFXpress…
You stand out from the rest with tons of fresh, high-quality videos and images from our rich media library…
…you get access to unique animations, unlike standard users and you can elevate your branding with sleek media elements that can generate more engagements, leads, and sales for your business.
You can get these features at no additional cost when you get VidzFX with my VidzFXpress Addon today.
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Got questions? Ask away, hit the reply, and I’ll help you out.

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