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🎉 Upgrading your account with VidMarketer.

This is not a drill.
Today, I’m upgrading the first 30 people with my VidMarketer Bundle at ZERO cost. Pick up yours here.
You get these free through my link right now:
  • VidLeads App
  • VidMobi App Builder
  • VidMarketer ReadyMade Site
  • VidSite GFX Suite
But just to be fair to others, I’m only giving away limited copies.
Access your free download link before it gets removed.
66% more engagement, 44% longer viewing time AND as much as 300% more clicks.
Only FaceDrip + VidMarketer makes this possible.
You can turn ANYONE’S trending video into:
✅ Opt-in forms to 10X your email list
✅ An interactive video with clickable buy-now button
✅ A direct gateway for your website
✅ And so much more
Best part? I’m upgrading you to FaceDrip PRO FREE.
Right now, you automatically get 4 HUGE apps as exclusive Addon features from FaceDrip PRO.
Pick up your FREE VidMarketer Addon here:
Email me back with your questions and I’ll answer them for you.

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