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✍️ Turn ANY text into a ready-to-sell video course in 60 seconds

ClickFunnels got 90,000 active users and $100M in annual recurring revenue…
…simply by helping ANYONE sell other people’s products even without being an expert themselves. Why not do the same thing for video courses today?
Using CourseReel, you can now get a brand-new online video course complete with images, text, and slides all auto-added for you.
You can even copy-paste text and get a full-blown video course instantly.
This is the easiest way to create and upload 100s of courses in any niche to buyer-heavy course sites like Udemy and Coursera:
✓ Without being an expert
 Without creating your content
 By simply recording your voice or copy-pasting text
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CourseReel lets you build a profitable collection of online courses that you can effortlessly customize with its powerful drag-n-drop interface in 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Select a video from Youtube or upload your own audio to CourseReel.
Step 2: Edit the slides CourseReel automatically creates from the file you uploaded.
Step 3: Export your video to add to your course or upload to your favorite network.
And that’s it. Doing this can’t get any easier with CourseReel.
Forget about spending days manually creating a video course from scratch.
Let CourseReel effortlessly get you ahead without breaking a sweat…all on 100% auto-pilot.
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