✅ I’ve added a HUGE app to your account [ZERO cost]

Got your free KyzaPLUS yet? If not, you’re in luck.
I’m down to the last 15 copies so I’m adding a HUGE app to it for free today. It’s called Kyza MobiPLUS, yours at ZERO cost.
Imagine creating sleek mobile apps that you can sell without any coding or any technical mumbo jumbo.
That’s what you’re getting FREE today. In fact, you also get:
  1. *NEW* Kyza MobiPLUS
  2. Landing Page & Website Builder
  3. High-Converting DFY Landing Page Templates
  4. Ultrafast & Secure CDN
  5. DFY Business Branding Kit
  6. Comes With Pixabay Integration
  7. Smart Lead Generating Optin Forms
  8. AI-Powered Smart Pop-Ups Technology
  9. Email Marketing Solution
  10. DFY High-Converting Email Templates
  11. Lead FinderPRO
  12. KyzaSite Website
  13. KyzaPRO DFY-Funnels
  14. GFX SuitePRO
Remember, you can only get these for FREE through me today.
Last 15 free copies left.
Kyza is a total beast but it ONLY gives you marketing tools.
On its own, how will you stand out versus other marketers?
This is why I’m upgrading you to my KyzaPLUS free today.
✅ Ready-made funnels
✅ Passive leads for continuous commissions
✅ Done-for-you agency website complete with graphics
✅ Mobile app maker that you can use to upsell
You get all these WITHOUT any monthly fees.
Other people would have to pay extra for these…but not YOU.
I’m closing this special deal as soon as all my copies are taken. Get your free copy fast.
Get your FREE copy of KyzaPLUS Addon here:
Got questions? Need help? Reply to this email and I’ll help you out.

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