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Let’s be honest here. Viewers are flooded with video content every single day.
So the question is…how do you steal the attention of these potential leads?
Well, doing this boils down to 3 easy steps.
Today, I’m going to reveal the secret strategy of getting 100% FREE traffic to all your videos easily:
Step 1: Find your competitors videos using the “Related Video” right sidebar on  YouTube.
Step 2: Copy all their tags and put them in your videos.
Step 3: IMPORTANT: You MUST have eye-catching thumbnails.
So, how do you do step 3? This is where ThumbReel can help you.
Get started at $30 LESS today with my limited-code “pks30” today.
ThumbReel creates stunning, professional and attention-grabbing thumbnails for your videos easily.

It gives you:

  • 100 Professionally designed video thumbnail templates
  • Design thumbnails using snapshots from your own videos
  • Drag-n-Drop WYSIWYG full feature designer and editor
  • ThumbRanker: Identify old, dead videos that can rank #1 with new thumbnail
  • Identify if your thumbnail violates any content policy & protect your account
  • Background remover for pictures taken on your phone & add it to the thumbnail
  • Track before and after updating thumbnail stats of all your videos
  • 1-Click YouTube connection
  • Publish thumbnail on your videos in 1-click
  • Download thumbnail for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram
  • Save your design to create your own template
  • Plus tons more
Stop wasting your videos with thumbnails that go unnoticed.
Effortlessly drive your views, leads, and traffic from each video using powerful thumbnail creator ThumbReel.
Get $30 off today using my limited-time code “pks30”. Closes in a few hours.
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Barb Ling

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