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⛳ [5 Hours left] Get your ADAready Addon for FREE

Your free ADAready with ADA bundle will be removed tonight.
Get your free copy before it closes at midnight EST.
I’m going to extend my special deal on ADAready (which sells for $97 right now) today with this new critical feature added in.
So when you pick up ADA Bundle today, you’ll instantly receive ADAready with:
*NEW*ADAtraffic Ninja – viral traffic plugin
ADAleadFinder – finds hot leads and prospects in any niche
ADAagency – ready-made agency websites to help you profit
ADAmobile App Builder – mobile app builder you can upsell
I’ll only be opening this special deal for 5 hours today.
What is ADAtraffic Ninja and why use it with ADA Bundle?
The fact is, ALL business site owners need to be ADA compliant. So the problem is not who to convert…but why they should choose you over other businesses.
ADAready with its brand-new ADAtraffic Ninja solves that for you.
It drives unlimited traffic to your own and your clients’ sites…
converts all your site visitors into real, paying customers using sleek web templates and professionally-written contracts…
…and lets you upsell with a powerful mobile app builder PLUS ready-made funnels for all your clients.
Remember, only ADAready can give you this much edge over basic ADA Bundle users.
Don’t end up wasting your app with some overhyped, outdated plr bonus. Get ADAready while it’s still available.
Special deal is for today only, I’ll be permanently closing this down.
Go here and download your FREE ADAready:
Just hit the reply button with your questions and I’ll help you out.

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