👍Quick Recap: ==> Who Else Would Love To Receive $13,217.73 recurring from Easy Peasy Planners by January 31st?: How I Sold $13,275.11 Of Planners For The New Year


Barb Ling here and did you see Marlon’s latest?


==> The Profitable Planner Power

Your Benefits:   You learn how to create a recurring product commission!


Brief, pithy and to the point…

Imagine if you know the  secrets behind delivering:

  • Main Benefit #1 –¬†How¬†many other products have a ¬†built-in timer every year remind customers to make a NEW purchase?
  • Main Benefit #2 –¬†You do NOT have ¬†to print or ship anything! ¬†It only takes a ¬†minute or two per order and it’s DONE! ¬†NO inventory either.
  • Main Benefit #3 –¬†You hardly have to write or create anything. ¬†Most Planners are very simple and benefit mainly from being customized to a niche, audience, special interest, or occupation.

==> Catch that built-in customizing?

… but then Marlon takes you by the hand and shows you these insider tricks

  • Benefit #1 –¬†You’ll find out how I designed my Planner simply and without big stress
  • Benefit #2 –¬†You’ll get screen caps showing the inside workings of design, the sales method, shipping, printing.
  • Benefit #3 –¬†You can sell Planners year after year
  • Benefit #4 –¬†You don’t need a lot of content for most Planners. Simple is better.
  • Benefit #5 –¬†You can use your Planner as the basis to sell a back end coaching program or other training
  • Benefit #6 –¬†Nearly every niche, market, target audience, occupation, industry or hobby buys Planners!
  • And Many More …

==> Catch that backend?

In a nutshell….

It’s woefully underpriced.¬†

And the enhancements?

… The Credibility Solutions…

… Premium PLR….

Start your journey here!

And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediately receive:

Niche Marketing Authority

My own goodie so you can create planners in *any* niche!

Sounds good? ¬†Indeed…. the man is a legend in our industry….

… and what he shares…. *gold*.


Grow strong,

Barbara “More Recurring!” Ling

ps –¬†¬†Dimesale!

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