👍Quick Recap: TYPO FIXED: Print on Demand New Niche LIFETIME (like Teespring/GearBubble but whole different product lines…: CreateDash Preferred STARTER Membership Lifetime

Hey there,

Barb Ling  here and here's the latest!!

I just rechecked... and this offer is now in beta... but LIFETIME is closing next week.

What offer?

There's a new kid on the block...

You know the craze of tshirts and other custom products you can sell on your shopify or amazon stores?

Well there's a brand new "POD" (Print on Demand) Product line that is now in BETA.

Don't worry, it's different than you've ever seen before.

It's called, CreateDash - and it has exclusive products you won't find in ANY of the others.

See for yourself:

The personalization and customization capabilities are off the charts! (Talk about premium profit capabilities!)

Do you like journals, notebooks, canvas art, calendars, coloring books, puzzle books and more?

You will *love* this.

It doesn't matter whether you've earned with ANY of these concepts in the past or not - this product line will compliment ANYTHING you do.

Now, it's in BETA.... and in 5 days, the lifetime will be OVER.

The video is a meaty 24 minutes long, but if you prefer the visual / read / scan, feel free to scroll down the page. Bunches o examples you'll discover!

Here's an exciting - and very limited - chance to sneak into the beta launch....

This special sneak in offer lets you have a Private Label Preferred membership, it's practically a steal.

The clock is ticking:

More soon!

Grow strong,

Barbara "More Clicks!" Ling

==> ps -  Think of applying this to your niche... (remember, lifetime will be permanently removed in 5 days....

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