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Module 1:
Your First Live Stream

When you have the right tools (and instructors), streaming to Facebook is easy. It only takes a few simple steps:

  • First Time Only:¬†install the free (PC or Mac) software¬†that we show you, and configure it in just a few clicks
  • Step One:¬†Decide if you want to stream to your own timeline, a fan page, or a group (whether you own it or not)
  • Step Two:¬†Decide if you want to record yourself on camera, show your computer screen, play a video (or a previously recorded stream), or you and a guest
  • Step Three:¬†Click the “Go Live” button and have fun!

In “Video Sales Tactics” we remove the technical headache WHILE¬†giving you the power to do what you want with Facebook live streaming and have fun doing it…

  • Live stream tonight (or within the next few minutes) using only¬†free software: your computer’s¬†built-in web camera¬†and microphone¬†are enough to start NOW!
  • Use Facebook live streaming to make sales, build likes and group members, run a launch¬†sequence, or build trust
  • Run your first few live streams in¬†“test mode” or “recording only” mode¬†to ease yourself into live streaming, or jump right in and broadcast
  • Stream as often or as little as you want, onto as many pages or groups as you want, as short or as long as you want with no monthly fees

Module 2:
Screen Capture Streaming

Appearing on camera live is okay, but wouldn’t you like to mix it up, appear more interesting, AND deliver real content? That’s why we want to show you how to switch your live streams¬†between a regular “camera” and showing your computer screen. Anything you show on-screen¬†can stream out to Facebook, including images, drawings, web pages, and more… using the same FREE software!

  • Use Facebook streaming to demo desktop software
  • Use PowerPoints and websites (from your browser) and more in any Facebook live stream
  • Do it all without fancy equipment, without techno-geek skills, and without hiring an assistant

Module 3:
Recording & Playback

This is where live streaming really gets interesting. While¬†everyone else streams the same old “boring” shaky videos, we’ll show you how to stream ANY pre-recorded video on¬†Facebook.

Think about what¬†you could do with this technology…

  • Scenario One:¬†record a video ahead of time,¬†have someone edit it, and stream it as if it’s live, worry free
  • Scenario Two:¬†play a fancy introduction video with clips and testimonials to get people amped up and ready to¬†watch you
  • Scenario Three:¬†setup a clip (live), then play that clip and return for questions
  • Scenario Four:¬†completely re-play a¬†stream (as if it’s live) even if it’s months or years later

In¬†the “recording and playback” module of Video Sales Tactics, you’ll discover how to:

  • Playback ANY video you want across Facebook¬†as if it’s live:¬†iPhone recordings, edited clips, intro videos, and more
  • Record all of your live streams¬†for later use (YouTube, post as a “regular” Facebook video, membership site¬†or blog content) automatically
  • Switch your streams between live action, desktop, and pre-recorded clips, to¬†give you¬†attention-grabbing¬†and entertaining content

Module 4:
Interviews (Multi-Person Streams)

And finally, just imagine¬†your fans, customers, clients, prospects and ENEMIES¬†watching your live streams and wondering…¬†“I wonder how they did¬†that?”

In just a couple of steps (we’ll show you how), it’s possible for you to appear live on camera, streaming to Facebook, side by side WITH a guest¬†(possibly from the¬†other side of the world) appearing next to you, similar to television interviews.

  • Run professional¬†side-by-side video interviews¬†where others create social media content for you
  • Get into the habit of live¬†streaming any time you want to talk with your customers, get attention or you have something to say
  • Put Facebook streaming into use in your business with affiliate marketing, product demonstrations, live¬†teaching, and more

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