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👍Quick Recap: Software OFFLINE: Unlimited leads… found for you from 7 popular sites, scrapers and: Leadora – Copper Plan – Instant Leads Software and Membership

Hey there,

Barb Ling here and this just caught my eye:


oOo ==> Leadora!

Benefits You Get:  Unlimited leads from 7 popular sites


Brief, pithy and to the point...

Want unlimited leads?

Leads you can use...

... leads you can sell....

==> Leads you can profit from starting today?  If so:

This is a huge membership-based offline goodie....

That gives you:

==> 7 Different Lead Sources

Seven Different Lead Sources: This is important because you can be sure you will get all of the leads in an area, regardless if they are on one site and not on another. This allows you to easily create lead lists, and more... all from a single interface..Value: $799.95

New Articles, Ebooks And Software Are Added All The Time

New articles, ebooks and software are added all the time: This is big because you can use these products purchased or created by the Leadora team to discover new opportunities without having to chase them around. This decreases your workload to about... well... almost nothing. We do all of the searching, creating or buying and you benefit, and you'll never tire from hearing the same old thing. This will keep you focused so you can keep on selling to your clients.Value: $1999.99

==> Catch that focus?

Lead Generation Expert Interviews

Lead Generation Expert Interviews: This is great because you can generate leads like your favorite marketer! The Leadora team will use their own connections to bring you interviews from the top marketers from around the world..Value: $999.99

The Official Leadora Lead Facebook Group

Come join our Official Facebook group and hear what the latest lead generation techniques that are working and what's not....and natually a whole lot more.$199

Website Contact Scraper

Simply type in some website URL's and it will bring back email addresses from its site and sites it's linked to. Value: $199

==> Catch those scrapers?

Search Engine Email Scraper

Type in your keyword(s) and you will start to get up to 1000 results in seconds. Value: $199

Full Training and Support

Wow, imagine that, an IM product that is actually supported with real training videos and a help desk ticketing system that actually gets answered within 24hrs. Value: $299
Got Leads?

==> Start your journey here!

Sounds good? I think so - imagine all the above *plus* a tool that finds you email addresses too....

What's not to adore?


Barb "More Sales!" Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps - Bonuses too!

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