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👍Quick Recap: ==> THUD: Your OWN IM Library (You Can Also Sell And Keep 100% Of The Profits?): 28 PLR Ebooks

Hey there,

Barb Ling here and oooo the THUD!!!!


==> Less than $1 each??

Your benefits:  Your own instant library bunch 'o profitable digital products you can sell and claim 100% of the profits on!


Brief, pithy and to the point:

Talk about a HUUUUUGGGE THUD....

.... of quality IM goodness.....

You can gain PLR rights to and sell and keep 100% of the profits??

We're talking packed books of:

Advanced Email Optimization - 4,800 words

Advanced Email Tips - 295 words

Content Marketing Strategy For Blogging - 7,400 words

Conversational copywriting      - 10,675 words

Deep Content Marketing Insight - 1,900 words

==> Catch those 10s of thousands of words?

Drive traffic with solo ads     - 6344 words

High Value Sales Optimization - 6,100 words

How to Create Youtubes From Articles Fast - 2,200 words

How to Write An Email Campaign That Works - 5,500 words

How to choose a niche   - 10,572 words

How to create a product funnel  - 11282 words

How to create products using teleseminars - 2516 words

How to create recorded products fast    - 11,879

How to market a product that can help a massive audience        - 946 words

Increase Profit Book - 21,300 words --

Information Marketing Master Doc - 7,100 words

Layered SEO - 2,400 words

Master IM Book - 95,000 words

Maven Coaching Model - 8,000 words

Maven Influencer Doc - 7,600 words

Offline Expert Presence - 8,800 words

Presence Profits Core Doc - 5,000 words

Reverse funnel training - 2525 words

Standing Out in a Connected World - 4,700 words

Truth and Lies about Information Marketing - 1,900 words

Viral traffic training  - 10,657

Why You Should Add a Coaching Program to Your Lineup - 6,900 words

==> Did you see that 95,000 word Master IM Book?  That's included too!

And the enhancements?

1,000 lesson syndicated membership trainings (we're talking you get 3 YEARS of content you can send, one a day!)....

... 3 entire Coaching Programs...

... 4 Big Ticket Trainings....

... 50 MORE repurpose rights...

==> Start your journey here!

And because this is a solo offer, purchase thru my link and immediately receive:

Repurpose PLR!

my own collection of how to repurpose all the PLR you own!

Sounds good? Gosh yes - all of your 2017 content needs can be met in one single package....


Grow strong,

Barbara "More Buy Buttons!" Ling

ps - I like the done for you, don't you?

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