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👍Quick Recap: My List Only: COUPON! [ TEMPLATES (20 of ’em! ] Press Release Software that includes 20 templates AND……: Instant PR Pro

Press Release PRO!
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Brief, pithy and to the point!
Want Press Release templates?
IE, make press releases super easy to create?
Well then!
Press Release Software!
Use coupon barb40 to take off $40!
Templates include:
New Service
New Product
Sales Promotion
Free Report or White Paper
Affiliate Program Announcement
New Employee
Employee Promotion
Announcement of Job Openings
See that white paper and report and new product?
Use coupon barb40 to take off $40!
Availability of Expert Interview
New Client Signed
Upcoming Event
New Website
Re-Designed Website
Business Relocation
New Location/Expansion
Company Anniversary
Charitable Donation
Scholarship Recipient
Non-Profit Sponsorship
Think of this for offline too!

Use coupon barb40 to take off $40!
Non-Profit Sponsorship
Good stuff indeed!
And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and receive:
Press Release Power
A guide for how press releases, done right, on the Internet can improve your visibility.
Sounds good? I think so –
I learned bunches (to the tune
of spending 5K years ago) about
the benefits of Press releases…
so it’s definitely something to
Grow strong,
Barbara Simple Be Good Ling
ps – Bonuses too!
Use coupon barb40 to take off $40!

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