👍Quick Recap: LAST CALL 11:59pm LIFETIME Print on Demand (like Teespring/GearBubble but whole different product lines..: CreateDash Private Label Preferred Pro Membership Annual

Hey there,

Barb Ling  here and here's the latest!!  This ends *tonight*...

See for yourself:

"...I can't believe it - after two months of issues that seemed to keep happening, I have some exciting news.

CreateDash - a brand new builder (like Gearbubble and teespring) is launching, 100% guaranteed tomorrow morning (eastern time zone).

Yep - as of this morning, the last bug that held us back has been absolutely fixed!

And we've already started sending out example products to members who wanted to see what it looks like in person... and so far the feedback has been fantastic! Not one person unhappy.

THAT is really cool.

Now - of course there is still a few things to do - we still have to:

- add in more templates (inside pages mostly for added design options)
- connect the helpdesk (we've been using our other one still - kept it simpler for the moment)

and that's it!!

BUT - They will NOT be holding anything up and that's the fun part.

You see, there's already 21 templates in the system that you can start with...

And I'm still adding another 66+. (I have more - but still have to lock in a couple of things before I add another product line).

OH and now we've even added WALL calendars! (How cool is that?) By tomorrow, you'll be able to design and sell:

- Planners - predesigned or custom (you create them) - Journals - predesigned or custom - Coloring books - use our images or your own - Notebooks - predesigned or custom - Wall calendars - Industry books! (And so much more).

This has been a massive undertaking, and I'm sure that there will be the odd thing that crops up, but we've done so much testing with our beta members that I don't think we'll find ANYTHING critical.

And this is just the first phase of release.

Yep - we're going live.

By next week, CreateDash is going to be *massively* promoted, I'm already booked for a webinar on Wednesday with a well known marketer.

So here's what I want to do:

I want to extend the opportunity for you to get in - kind of a "last chance" deal opportunity.

Yes, we are still keeping this to paid members only, and the reason is quite simple - we want to roll this out smoothly. We are ready to accept orders, we have ALL of our supplies and we want members who are willing to profit - and continue to roll this out.

And, be at the front of the line to profit with the release.

So - for just a limited few people - you can grab a membership with an insane special:

For the next 48 hours only (OR to the first 6 people) - and it WILL NOT appear on the sales page - *All* Preferred and Preferred Pro annual memberships will be granted LIFETIME.

Yes - they currently say "Annual" - but once we confirm your payment, I will CANCEL further billing on your account! Yep - that's right, you'll get LIFETIME (with the perks and benefits the lifetime members got - some of that has been removed from the page, but I'll update you on it).

Now obviously it won't happen if I'm sleeping so please give me a chance till morning if we are on different time zones.

Remember - I'm being absolutely, 100% firm that we launch!

So are you in?

I hope so.

But hurry because the 48 hours begins NOW as I'm mailing this - which means by 4 p.m. Eastern time zone Saturday - it reverts back to Annual.

Here's what to do now:

1. Go to:

2. Submit your order.

3. Upon completion of payment, go to http://helpdesk.createcoolapps.com/support/tickets/new and submit a ticket for Createdash with the subject, "Give me Lifetime!"

You will then see our cancellation of annual billing within 24 hours at most !

Start your journey here!

And if you want the insider scoop....

There's a new kid on the block...

You know the craze of tshirts and other custom products you can sell on your shopify or amazon stores?

Well there's a brand new "POD" (Print on Demand) Product line that is now in BETA.

Don't worry, it's different than you've ever seen before.

It's called, CreateDash - and it has exclusive products you won't find in ANY of the others.

See for yourself:

The personalization and customization capabilities are off the charts! (Talk about premium profit capabilities!)

Do you like journals, notebooks, canvas art, calendars, coloring books, puzzle books and more?

You will *love* this.

It doesn't matter whether you've earned with ANY of these concepts in the past or not - this product line will compliment ANYTHING you do.

The video is a meaty 24 minutes long, but if you prefer the visual / read / scan, feel free to scroll down the page. Bunches o examples you'll discover!

Here's an exciting - and very limited - chance to sneak into the beta launch....

This special sneak in offer lets you have a Private Label Preferred membership, it's practically a steal.

The clock is ticking:

More soon!

Grow strong,

Barbara "More Clicks!" Ling

==> ps -  Think of applying this to your niche... (remember, lifetime will be permanently removed in 5 days....

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