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Imagine gaining these benefits:

Simple to Install WordPress Plugin that monetizes site...
Just browse for the plugin from your WordPress admin and click `Activate' - That's it...

Build Your Products in Seconds...
Simply add in your own details from the very simple to use admin panel within your WordPress website in seconds.

Fully Customizable Display Settings...
Choose exactly how you would like your products to be displayed... Colors, fonts, gradients, shadows, borders, buttons, links, rows and columns.

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Generate as Many as You Need...
You can generate as many product widgets as you need for as many websites as you like.

Display on Any Website...
Once you have generated your product widget you can display it on any WordPress or HTML website that you choose.

Highly Targeted Results...
You can target all your products on any search term you choose, or even just choose a specific category from our popular categories.

Amazon Retargeting Included
Yes, you will have the weight of Amazon behind you as they will automatically retarget your customers to increase conversions.

Tap Into Over 250 Million Products...
Tap into Amazon's huge 250+ MILLION Marketplace and create eye catching affiliate based ads in seconds and eCommerce stores in minutes...

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Grow strong,

Barb Ling
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ps -  Did you see the demo on the page?http://askbling.com/instantazon
Use coupon barbling to take off 50%!

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