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Hey there,

Barb Ling here and this just went live!

Want you a simple way to 4x your FB traffic….
*without using ads?

==>  ReachMultiply!
Link at the end

Imagine you had access to a content marketing automater…

This goodie gives you ALL of the following:

* Find all the content you’ll ever need for your fan pages in minutes.

* Filter the most engaging content without spending hours

* Schedule content for entire months in just a few minutes

* Manage feeds and content for each and every fan page you manage

* Get quality free content for any niche or keyword

* Maximize engagement through trending posts and news

* Create automated image posts

* Unique calendar interface makes it easy for you to see and plan what’s scheduled

* Notifications tell you when you need to schedule more content

==>  Catch that automatic notification?

And the enhancements?

… Pro Version…

… Instaviral Pro (lifetime!)

==> Start your journey here!

And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediately receive my own :

FB Ads Power!

My own collection of “how to profit via FB”!

Sounds good?   I think so – FB is *huge*….

And this makes attracting converting traffic…. simple!


Barb Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps – Want more info?  You’ll receive:

1. Campaign Module

  • Create custom and easy to manage posting schedule using campaigns
  • Five types of campaigns – link campaign, image campaign, video campaign, text campaign and custom post campaign
  • Link campaign includes content discovery tootles Google news search using keywords, niche and trending content library
  • RSS feed section to add edit feeds and manage for each of your fan pages
  • Image campaign includes Tumblr search using keywords, Gif image search and trending Gif image feeds, Image editor and upload tools
  • Video campaign includes YouTube search using keywords, trending videos and “my channel” for adding your own channels list

2. Most Awesome Image Editor

  • Create engaging social images that gets shared
  • Add compelling text, backgrounds, crop and other image filter tools
  • Flexible free hand drawing tool
  • In build 10,000s public domain images search feature
  • Library of ready to use viral image templates and backgrounds
  • Huge list of premium fonts for the images
  • Add pithy quotes and facts to the images from the library
  • Hundreds of preset ready to use images objects

3. Calendar Module

  • Visual calendar view for all your pages and posts
  • Weekly view of all the posts published and scheduled
  • Easy to manage your posting schedule

4. Custom Posts Module

  • Create separate campaigns for your custom posts
  • Your most important content like links to your products, squeeze page or your offer details etc
  • Completely customize your custom post thumbnail images, title and description
  • Easily manage your custom posts so they get maximum reach without drowning into other content
  • Run a holiday or seasonal promotion using custom campaign

5. Notification Module

  • Get Notified on the campaign completion
  • Get Alerts when scheduled posts are completed
  • Manage Campaigns without missing to post on any day

==> What are you waiting for?

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