👍Quick Recap: GEMALERT: Master Guide To Your Business by Paul Myers


| ==> oOo  The Master Guide To Your Business
| Benefits You Get:  Learn how to keep bringing in the
| profits in case of emergencies *and*….

| Fun Fact:  If you’re hit by a passing asteroid….
| you want to ensure your business keeps running!


Brief, pithy and to the point:
Let me ask you….

If you had an emergency, would your business keep running?


Paul Myers, master marketer, recently released:

| The Master Guide To Your Business

and oh!  SO timely and so….. needed!

You’ll learn in this cost-conscious goodie:

* Generate new product ideas. You add just one step to the basic process and you can find all sorts of new products lurking in your existing content, and even more that are related to your current niche.

* Plan and outline new projects. Use the product worksheet to lay out new ideas in a way that encourages you to act on them.

| Catch those new product ideas?

* Eliminate wasted time and resources. By knowing how you spend your days now, you can easily spot the things that steal time and give nothing back in return. All it usually takes is becoming aware of them.

* Find and focus on the most profitable parts of your business. The 30,000 foot view lets you ask – and answer – the question: Where’s the money in this mess? That’s what you do more of.

| Catch that spot?

* Spot new ways to If you had an emergency, would your business survive? With this, it can. And it can keep growing…. This is an area where most of us fall down. We don’t have to.

* Create sites, hand the management off to a partner, and keep bringing in the cash.

| Catch that handoff?


Paul is one of the legends in our industry… and what he has to share…. well, I highly recommend it indeed.

Grow strong,

Barbara “Sleep Be Good” Ling 

ps – Did you see that bonus he includes?


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