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👍Quick Recap: GEMALERT ==> Here’s why I recommend this 12 Month Upgrade to entire Business Coaching Extravaganza (earn six figures and


Barb Ling here and headsup:  Here is a premium offer that is gold IF you are serious about becoming a profitable coach for 2017 and beyond!.  It’s by Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold… and I can highly recommend this as you’ll see:


==> The ENTIRE Business Coaching Package (it’s usually $1,497) 

Your Benefits:  You can buy this ready-to-go program, brand them, package them as group coaching programs and sell them as your own!


Brief, pithy and to the point…

I remember when I first heard about Nicole Dean.

‘Twas ‘waaaay back (over a decade?) …. she was one of the most influential and profitable marketers online.

And she’s still going strong!!

Her specialty these days is providing done-for-you coaching programs along with her partner, Melissa Ingold.


==> The quality content you receive is *staggering*. 

Want to see some of it?

We’re talking:

21 Done For You Coaching Workshops (like, ENTIRE workshops….

22 Teach Your Tribe Kits

23 Workbooks and Planners

Done for You Coaching Forms and Letters

Bonus Income Tweaks Training Videos

Things like:

==> Training #1: The Top 5 Embarrasing Mistakes that Cost Us 6-figures Last Year! 

Why that low price might be turning your customers off

How to plan ahead so you don’t regret your choices in the future

The pricing strategy that will attract higher quality affiliates

Why more isn’t always better–the high cost of messy funnels

Why overwhelm will drag your business down–and how to get past it

How procrastination and delay can cost you income and growth

Why you might be missing the boat when it comes to monetization–and how to fix it

==> Training #2: Create Multiple Six Figures with Multiple Leads Lists! 

Why narrowing your focus can actually increase your income

How to use the same offer for multiple opt-in pages

The single most important job for coaches and product sellers–skip this step and your business will falter

How to create a unique opt-in offer your audience will love

How to build an opt-in page that works and why less is often more

How to create different squeeze pages based on where your traffic is coming from

How to determine what the best offer is based on your current funnel

How to continually test and tweak your offers to get the best results

==> Training #3: Managing Your Distractions + Setting Boundaries for a More Focused and Profitable Business! 

Why protecting your time is critical to your success

The difference between disruptions and distractions–and why you need to recognize each

How to structure your days to avoid disruptions and make the most of your time

The real time cost of distractions–this will shock you

How to use your existing assets to set healthy boundaries

Why notifications are the worst thing for your productivity

How to prevent other people from dictating your time


Sounds good?    I think so… heck, I know so, as Nicole and Melissa are real deal with a proven track record….

… for over a decade.

Check it out today! 

Grow strong,

Barbara “Make It So” Ling

ps –  Become the Coach of Choice today! 

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