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👍Quick Recap: Topnotch SEO, Design, Copy, Cold Calling, Social, Graphics, App Design And More…. For Only $5?: The 2017 Outsourcer Rolodex

Hey there,

Barb Ling and want to uncover the best?

(pardon my excitement!)

Brief, pithy and to the point:

Well then lookie here!

==> The $5 Fiverr service that you can re-sell for $500 - Use this emergency cash method to bank quick money when you need it most. I have included an entire step by step walkthrough from buying the gig, all the way to collecting your first $500 in as little as 24 hours from right now.

==> LinkedIn Lead Generation Service - This service generates 6-7 new leads for my consulting business every week by advertising on LinkedIn. You can sell anything from web design, SEO, mobile app development, reputation management and consulting services on LinkedIn.

==> Google News (Guaranteed) Ranking Service - Google News is a little known traffic goldmine that most marketers are simply ignoring. Local business owners will pay a fortune to have their business appear in Googles News results, and this service only costs you $5 with guaranteed results!.

Catch that News Ranking?

==> Real Estate Lead service you can re-sell to hungry realtors - Real Estate Agents will line up down the block to get their hands on these home sale leads. I pay about $15 per lead and sell them for over $50 (sometimes to multiple realtors at once). This service is by far the EASIEST to sell, and can provide a steady passive income stream for years.

==> Press Release service that gets your articles on CNN, CNBC, New York Times, GUARANTEED - Businesses will pay thousands of dollars to get mentioned on major news sites. All it takes is one article, and they can boast about being Seen on CNN for as long as they are in business. With the go to PR services in this rolodex, YOU can get their business published on major news sites for as little as $500.

==> SEO reporting service you can sell for $497/month - These SEO reports can be generated for $5 and sold to businesses for $500. Or use my free report sales strategy and give these reports to business owners for free in exchange for a monthly fee to be their SEO consultant.

==> Mobile e-commerce App Developers - Business owners will pay as much as $25,000 to have an e-commerce app developed for their business. Ive included a list of the programmers I use to build mobile apps for all my clients so you can start selling app development without having to learn how to code.

==> Catch that App Development for only $5?

==> Local SEO service that guarantees first page ranking - Biz owners are paying over $5,000 for this guaranteed ranking service, PLUS $1,000 per month to keep their site ranked! Sell it as your own and let the service do all the work for you.

==> Biz owners pay $1,000/month for this reputation management service - And it only costs you $200 to re-sell it. Online reputation management is still a hot topic and Ive listed all the best services that have reseller programs. All you do is sign up the business, and collect a fee every month with no hassles.

==> Mobile Site Designs for only $99 - Fact: 80% of websites are still not mobile ready which means many business websites are not showing up in Googles mobile search. Businesses are losing customers as a result and will pay any amount of money once you point this problem out.

==> Google plus 5-star review service - Google reviews are one of the biggest attractors of new business, AND Google factors them into their search engine rank. These review services will add 5 star reviews to any businesses page, and boost their local search ranking overnight (business owners are incredibly grateful and shocked at this service. Youll look like a magician when these 5-star reviews appear on their page)

==> Cold callers who book clients for you 24/7 - Use these cold callers to sell your services and you will only have to deal with clients who are interested and ready to pay your fee. Use these telemarketers to sell any of the services offered in this rolodex.

==>  Think of what you could do with these!


And because this is a solo offer, purchase thru my link and immediately receive:

Responsive Offline Deals!

Sounds good? I think so - being able to flip services that net you 100s of dollars that cost you only $5...

This software gives you the keys to that particular castle!

Grow strong,

Barbara Share It! Ling

ps - full 60 day guarantee too!

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