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👍Quick Recap: Chapter 3 – And here’s how that teeny tiny thingee… applies to you: QC: 68K in 57 Days

Hey there,

Barb Ling here and it’s time for Chapter 3!

During our last exciting adventure, I had revealed the Stereo Lings my husband experienced…

… and closed with a hint about one teeny tiny thingee that threatened to derail me this morning.

Here’s what that was.

See, I woke up to Deal of the Day for the first relaunch that Dennis Becker and I did….

68K in 57 days

And that was utterly wonderful!

Buyers raved to me about how I made the content shine…

… how my new LingNotes clarified the secrets bigtime…

… how the extra cheatsheet opened their eyes to the fact you really CAN get power JV folk … *happy* to promote them…

But here was the thing!

SO many people missed the boat because of the 4674967476 retirement sales Sean had in the past (okay that number is slightly exaggerated   🙂  )….

… and SO many people thought, it looks like past products, why buy it again….

… in other words….

Dennis and I neglected to infuse the sales page/launch with *our* personality as well!

The offer is stacked with so much value it truly is ridiculous…

… but because I neglected to highlight that….

… lots of people just failed to take advantage of the offer.  🙁

So how does this tiny thingee apply to you?

Several ways!

1.)  If you’re going to take a chance and add something new….

Be Bold!

Be Exciting!

Glory in your Magnificence and most importantly…

Give yourself permission to shine!

2.)  Never fear revisiting stuff

I could awakened today and said, okay, Deal of the Day, wheee, that’s grand, let’s go back to sleep.

But instead, I chose to see how I could make it even *better*.

Your takeaway?


Believe in yourself!

If you’re trying something new….

And that something new gets a misstep….

You’re NOT at the end of your journey….

You can choose to start it *anew*.

Wouldn’t you agree?

I am so proud of myself for what Dennis and I achieved!  We had an idea… and we made it *shine*….

…. to the point it got Deal of the Day… TODAY!

Wouldn’t you like to have that experience yourself?

If so, I *highly* encourage you to revisit:

==> 68K in 57 Days

The powerful notes I added….

… the benefits you get from the mindset blueprint….

AND the time-proven way that really does make sense that Sean really did score 68K in 57 days….

==> This will be one of the best investments you make this year!

And what’s happening with HL, I hear you ask?

Well, he contacted me a few hours ago and told me, “yep…. it really is… all in my mind.

I have to work more on making peace with the kind of great person I really am.”

Very heartwarming indeed to hear that!

Anywhos, I hope you enjoyed the story of my day…. and please do let me know what you think of:

==> The Adventure… Begins!

And if you missed chapter 2:

Barb Ling here and it’s time for Chapter 2!

When last you dropped in, I had regaled you with the story of the Honorary Ling kid…. who couldn’t see his greatness for anything.

And I hinted at how I decided I would break through his wall of Godzilla-ized carbonite….

… when the impossible happened.

So what WAS that impossible?

It was this.

Now, keep in mind I was fixing my own mental disaster with the calm assurance of a Hospital-for-Special-Surgery-trained Surgeon (fun fact – the head of the Ankle/Foot division was the individual who fused my ankle ‘way back in 2012, but I digress)…

… and 140% of my brainpower was pouring into MassiveRecoveryMode at approximately 938475 gallons per second…

But you know, when MamaBear is called…. MamaBear answers!

So I split myself up into 2 different people…. *at the same time*.

It was bizarre!  1/2 of my mind gave 100% towards counseling HL….

… while the other half of my mind bestowed 100% into being utterly glorious for my own work.

And that means my husband got to witness 200% of Barb Ling!

In other words – Stereo Wives!

So.   There I was, talking to HL, and I told him:

“The future is ALWAYS in motion.

Like it was last year at time.

And like it will be next year this time.

The ONLY thing you can control is how you choose to ACT or REACT….

So if you own the skills to change your life today….

…. and yet you *choose* to remain in one place and not do any action….

Well, you’re bringing into reality the future that you do NOT want…. and you *own* that.”

Let me repeat that in a somewhat different fasion, okay?

No action ==> The future you hate will come into being.

And HL said, “I can’t believe you said that… because … its something I just don’t want to face.  Because if I face it, I have to accept I can change it.”

Powerful, don’t you think?

And HL ended the chat very happy indeed.

Which was grand….

Except for one tiny issue.

And THAT issue was threatening to destroy me this morning……

But I’m still in the process of turning on a dime, so I’ll update you later on today.

Can you guess what that process involved?  Methinks it will surprise you more than a moose winning a figure skating contest in spring!

And if you missed Chapter 1….


Barb Ling here and I’d like to invite you to pull up a chair, lean back, close your eyes, then reopen your eyes so you can keep reading, and enjoy the admittedly rather character-building start to my day.

Let’s just say things… *happened*.

And I was earlobe deep into making them utterly magnificent when one of my Honorary Ling kids pinged me.

Now, an Honorary Ling is one of *my* kids’ friends who, in the past, had reached out to me for help and continue to touch base with me, up to this day (my other role as the Super Hero MamaBear is legend in these parts).

And this Honorary Ling (let’s call him HL) said to me:

“Mrs. Ling, every day I wake up and I can’t stop the fear.  I feel miserable! Help!”

(Insert here me mentally falling off my chair in hysterical laughter, as I had just dealt with something quite similar earlier.  🙂 )

I mean, you can relate, right?

There are times everything seems like it SHOULD be peachier than an entire fruit salad presented at the Hilton Fine Dining Buffet….

… and yet your personal demons kept you from soaring with the eagles and instead, flopping around like a fish out of water.

But everyone ELSE… when they look at you… well, *they* see the reality of how good things really are!

So imagine now the following.

You have someone you deeply care about….

… who has unintentionally blinded himself to seeing just how tremendous he really is….

And even though you could  talk until the cows not only come home, but bring Cold Stone ice cream as a dessert….

… you *know* it will take something extraordinary to break through the cast-iron cloak of cement walls that is currently crushing that person.

What would YOU do?

I know what I would do… and decided then to…

Do it!

But then the impossible happened…..

But THAT… is a story for later on today.

What do YOU think it was?  I’d love to hear your guesses!

Grow strong,

Barb Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps:  Guaranteed, you’ll never consider what the next steps… ended up being.  🙂

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