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👍Quick Recap: 2017 HEADSUP: 12 Months of $97/month coaching Biz in Box by Sean Mize: Coaching Program PLR


oOo ==> Sean Mize $97 Coaching Program How To
See link at end!

Benefits You Get: Oooo 12 Month Coaching Lessons PLUS proven sales letter for $97/month coaching program


Brief, pithy and to the point:

Want proven monthly content that enables you to create a $97/month coaching program..

oOo ==> And includes the sales letter too?
See link at end!

In a nutshell..

…You get a full 12 month coaching program PLUS a proven coaching program sales letter you can use to sell your coaching program.

By the way, he’s Sean Mize, author of Anyone Can Coach and personal coach to around 1000 clients over the decade…

Here’s the skinny:

About 9 years ago he launched his first coaching program, and at this time there are over 50 lessons in it, fine tuned, tweaked, and honed until they are an incredible progression for any newbie or intermediate marketer to go through a powerful IM coaching program and get results – a completely balanced coaching program lessons series of over 50 lessons, you can set these up in your autoresponder to deliver 1 per week for 50 weeks.

AND, about 5 years ago, he wrote a powerful coaching program sales letter that has consistently given him great results, month after month, enrolling clients in his $97 a month coaching program..

oOo ==> Yep. real deal the man is.
See link at end!

And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediately receive:

Affiliate Marketing eCourse

An additional course that walks you thru powerful email marketing tips!

Sounds good? I think so – Sean has been `waaaay proven in the IM space and this simply is a pure….

..nobrainer indeed.

Grow strong,

Barbara “Upgrade your price” Ling

ps – And then from $97…. you go to $297 and….


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