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Step 4 of Passing The Torch:  Systematize Your Business


When last we met, we completed Step 4 of Passing the Torch – writing the second part of your letter and closing with today’s topic.


Let’s now move to Step 4:

Systematizing your business.

In a nutshell:

What REALLY needs to be done to keep your business running?

For example….

… do you email your list?

If so, do you include affiliate promotions?

If so, do you offer bonuses?


… FIRST you have to get notifications of the product being launched.

… THEN you have to get bonuses for that product…

… THEN you have to write the email about it…

… THEN you have to choose who on your lists receive it….

… THEN you have to …

All of those steps require being comfortable with:

  • Autoresponder services
  • Launch calendars like Muncheye
  • Logins to JVzoo and WarriorPlus and Clickbank and….
  • Affiliates links to products launched there
  • Access to digital goods you could use to create bonuses….

Do you honestly think after you pass on…

…. someone in your family will be comfortable *learning* all that?

I highly doubt it.

But!  If it DOES happen…

You’re in luck!

There is a rather awesome book entitled

Work The System


(it’s free!) and it provides you with a complete how-to blueprint for systematizing your entire business so you can hand it off bigtime.

IF you really do want to hand off your business to your family after you’ve left the planet…

Taking the time to go thru the above blueprint will help you achieve that goal.

So let’s now break it down into manageable chunks:

Step 1.)  Read Work The System

Come up with your

  • Strategic Objectives
  • 30 Principles
  • Work Procedures

Step 2.)  Pick the MOST Profitable Action in your business and do this.

Ruthlessly break it down into simple, linear steps

Simplify it enough so it can be templated.

Step 3.) Rinse and Repeat for all your business requirements

Like I said… yep.

It’s a huge job.

But when you’re finally done with it all…

… you’ll have a neat collection of

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

That anyone can follow.

Let’s take a moment now to revisit where you are:

  • You started your “I will always be in your heart” letter to your spouse/kids/family
  • You gathered up all of your passwords in one file
  • You wrote part II of your “I will always be in your heart” letter to your spouse/kids/family
  • You systematized your business

Next will be:

Writing the final part of your “I will always be in your heart” letter to your spouse/kids/family.

See you then!

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