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💝 Day 91 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I accept I failed Mind Reading 101

Tell yourself today:  I accept I cannot read other people’s minds.  Day 91 of the Self Confidence Challenge

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Yesterday, we talked about how you cannot change how others react.

Today, let’s explore that a wee bit more…..

Move to:

You have failed Mind Reading 101.

To wit:



When you knee-jerk a reaction….

You’re assuming your take on the other person’s intention is right….

And that is not always the case.

Everyone has failed Mind Reading 101…. always be open to pausing before reacting.


Obligatory Steven Universe Goodness!  Episode 82, Barn Mates

Peridot and Lapis now live together at the barn… but there is MUCH anger and tension that needs to be resolved.

See for yourself:

Not to mention:


And if you want to get the lowdown on Steven Universe, check out my

Good stuff indeed.

So to recap everything imaginable….

Everyone has failed mind reading 101… so never assume you know another person’s intentions.

You’ve got this…


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