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💝 Day 14 of the Self Confidence Challenge – Fun Stuff (Steven Universe, of course)

Tell yourself:  Fun Stuff!  Day 14 of the Self Confidence Challenge

Click HERE to join the Self Confidence Challenge!!  So superb to see you today!

Yesterday, I recapped all of the past 5 self -confidence challenges over at this post here.  Can you believe we’re closing out Week 2?


Many of my readers have contacted me to tell me what a fantastic effect the videos have had on them…. it’s truly humbling to realize.

Thank you so much!

On the last day of week of the weeks, I like closing thingees out with fun stuff.  And recently, I’ve started chatting about Steven Universe… so here’s some enjoyable resources about it!

General Steven Universe Goodies

Steven Universe Crossovers

Steven Universe Fanfic!






Such a grand show…. I think you’ll agree!

See you for Week 3!




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