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💝 Day 69 of the Self Confidence Challenge – I will honor my sorrow for my goofs in the past

Tell yourself today: I will honor my sorrow for my goofs in the past.  Day 69 of the Self Confidence Challenge

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Yesterday, we discussed why accepting the past is a Good Thing.

Today, let’s turn our focus to one thing that would definitely help….

… *addressing* the actual pain of accepting the past.

To wit:


Pushing things down into your soul and NOT addressing them….

… will only result in them popping up at the most inopportune times.

Face it…  mourn it… and then let it go.


Obligatory Steven Universe Goodness!  Episode 61, We Need To Talk

Greg tells Steven and Connie the story of how he learned about Gem fusion.

Definitely poignant…. we see how Pearl was highly jealous of Greg’s relationship with Rose.

Steven Universe Season 02 Episode 9 – We Need… by newsfr

Not to mention:


And if you want to get the lowdown on Steven Universe, check out my

Good stuff indeed.

So to recap everything imaginable….

The best way to move forward… is to face the past and let it go.

You’ve got this…


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