How to Decrease the Carbon Footprint in the Restaurant Industry | Small Business

A carbon footprint is a general term to describe a person’s impact on the environment based on carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. Businesses have a carbon footprint as well….

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Members of the graduating class of 2024 found a home at California State University, Northridge. It was a place that empowered them and gave them the tools to break cultural…

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Jeff Social Marketing Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Jeff Social Marketing celebrates its 5th anniversary, highlighting its commitment to providing businesses with digital marketing solutions in Toronto since 2019. Toronto, Ontario, Canada – May 13, 2024 — Jeff…

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Social Media Image Size Guide For All Platforms (2024)

If you’re not using social media to grow your brand awareness, improve brand sentiment, and build a community of loyal followers, you should be. With more social platforms popping up…

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Thousands of Australian men have shared their thoughts on modern masculinity

Most young adult men in Australia reject traditional ideas of masculinity that endorse aggression, stoicism and homophobia. Nonetheless, the ongoing influence of those ideas continues to harm men and the…

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