Important LinkedIn Statistics Data & Trends [2023 Updated]

Important LinkedIn Statistics Data & Trends [2023 Updated]

LinkedIn is among the world’s most popular social network platforms today. It could also pose the oldest platform compared to some of the popular ones we know nowadays. Considering its long existence, the platform boasts a reasonable rate based on user LinkedIn statistics. This counts over 900 million users worldwide. 

Business-oriented individuals on social media influence this high number of users. However, many people have yet to understand how the platform works. Also, questions about how users and brands apply it to their daily lives are rising. When understood comprehensively, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for brands to maintain online visibility. It makes it easier for them to sync with their social media strategies and stay relevant in the industry.

Hence, this article will provide detailed statistics on the data and trends surrounding the platform. This will help understand the effects of LinkedIn so far and unleash the trends that businesses adopt for success in the short and long term. Let’s dive in.

Editor’s Top Picks

  1. Every second, there are three new registrations on LinkedIn.
  2. In 2022, the annual revenue of LinkedIn was $14.5 billion.
  3. LinkedIn started the year 2023 with arguably 900 million users worldwide.
  4. The United States of America has the highest number of LinkedIn users. Measuring by country, it has approximately 200 million. India follows suit, with at least 101 million users.
  5. The highest number of users on LinkedIn, about 59.1%, are in the age range of 25-34.
  6. In the United States, about 21% of users on other social platforms use LinkedIn. 
  7. Microsoft Corp bought LinkedIn for $26 billion
  8. There are 36 LinkedIn offices available in 200 countries and regions.
  9. The index score for Americas on LinkedIn is 68.
  10. The most efficient mode of advertising on LinkedIn is sponsored posts. 
  11. The skills listed on LinkedIn are vast, up to 39,000, comprising both digital and non-digital. 
  12. There are over 129,000 schools and 58.4 million companies registered on LinkedIn.

Usage Statistics of LinkedIn

Usage Statistics of LinkedIn

1. Of the 900 Million Users Distributed Worldwide, Only 310 Million are Active Monthly Users on LinkedIn.

Most people don’t usually see LinkedIn like other social media platforms. Since its interface has a more professional look, the app’s use rate is lower than other platforms. So, it is no surprise that the monthly user population is not up half the total. Meanwhile, here is a depiction of the growth registered between 2009 and 2023.

Year Number of LinkedIn Users
2009 55 million
2010 90 million
2011 145 million
2012 202 million
2013 277 million
2014 347 million
2015 414 million
2016 469 million
2017 528 million
2018 582 million
2019 643 million
2020 722 million
2021 810 million
2022 875 million
2023 900 million

2. Based on Region, LinkedIn has Over 254 Million Users in the Asia-Pacific.  

Although the US holds the highest number of users measured by country, the Asia Pacific users are higher on the global membership charts. Europe comes next, with 236 million users, while North America has 220 million. Latin America has 141+ million, and the combined Middle East and Africa have 52 million users.

  • North America: 220M+
  • Europe: 236M+
  • Asia Pacific: 254M+
  • Latin America: 141M+
  • Middle East & Africa: 52M+

3. LinkedIn is Expected to Have a User Population of 1 Billion by 2025. 

This upgrade could be sooner, and another milestone could even be reached, especially with the recent rate of registrations ongoing. People find the application helpful, as technology makes every platform unique in its functions. Regardless, once the hallmark is achieved, we can only be sure what to expect long-term.

4. The Number of Job Applications Submitted Per Minute on LinkedIn is Approximately 90. 

There are thousands of people job hunting and jumping on available gigs every day on the internet. So, for every job dropped as a posting, several applications are bound to be concerning qualifications and skill descriptions. Luckily, the postings there are quite frequent, and depending on your niche, you could see 1-5 openings per day.

5. About 50 Million People Use LinkedIn to Job Hunt Weekly.

This is a worldwide statistic that could also be used to judge unemployment. However, some people in this category may be employed and are either sourcing for better pay or a second job. In any case, the traffic mentioned in this context is enormous and describes how useful the platform is to many people. 

6. On Average, Eight People Get Employed Per Minute on LinkedIn.

If we get the total of what this data gives us in a week, we could see a close sum of up to half of the people who job-hunt weekly. This means that LinkedIn is quite a tool for securing contracts online.

7. Smartphones are Responsible for About 57% of LinkedIn’s Traffic.

First, it’s more accessible and easier for users to connect, get informed, and apply for jobs from anywhere with their smartphones. This reduces the hassle of carrying a PC or sticking to a desktop. So, this is why the most traffic on several social networks like LinkedIn would come from smartphones. Besides, not everyone can afford a personal computer due to financial constraints. So, for those who don’t have any, their means of following up with updates would be via mobile. However, 57% is a relatively good number, which means about 43% use other means of online connection

8. Employees Make Up 30% of Their Company’s Engagement on LinkedIn.

This is true for every company, not only on LinkedIn but on other platforms, too. However, the percentage may be quite different. Some of these employees see engaging in their company’s posts as a form of commitment to the company. It could also be voluntary acts to show that they value the company and do their utmost to push the brand forward. Regardless, their efforts make a difference and contribute to the success of the company’s campaigns on the application.

9. Additionally, Employees Have 14 Times More Chances to Share a Post From Their Work Organizations.

Again, this is true, as they are most likely the first to see the posts published. Thus, they immediately start post-engagement. Sometimes, as a rule in most organizations, post links are shared in the company’s group chat, and all members are expected to like, follow, comment, and distribute the post everywhere

10. The LinkedIn Application has a Daily User Access Rate of 16.2% and a Monthly User Access Rate of 48.5%.

The user access rate on the LinkedIn application is lower daily, as more people do not consider the app a social hub. So, the monthly access rate is higher, with people visiting whenever they need to check up on their applications or check out new openings online. 

11. Within Q3 of 2022, LinkedIn Had a Total of 15.4 Billion Sessions, With the Number of Sessions Increasing by Over 418%.

These sessions are hosted by several companies to better communicate with their potential employees, existing workers, or reps from other companies. Individuals can also have sessions whenever they log in and interact around the space, making posts or sending messages. 

12. LinkedIn Posts Published With Images Can Generate Twice the Engagement Rate as Text Posts.

Images catch the eye faster than words, so most people get attracted to an image they see before reading the text attached. It is advisable for individuals and brands seeking more engagements to ensure that pictures are added to their posts.  

13. The United States as a Country Generates 31.16% of Traffic on LinkedIn.

This balances the fact that the United States has the most LinkedIn users, accounting for over 199 million. India generates the second-most traffic at 6.97%, much lower than the United States. Notably, India’s spot on the rank table is earned with 101 million users. Also, Brazil is millions short at 63 million users. The table below shows the top 20 countries based on their LinkedIn users:

Country Number of LinkedIn Users
United States 199 million
India 101 million
Brazil 63 million
China 59 million
United Kingdom 35 million
France 26 million
Indonesia 22 million
Canada 21 million
Mexico 19 million
Italy 17 million
Spain 16 million
Australia 13 million
Germany 13 million
Turkey 13 million
Philippines 11 million
Colombia 11 million
Netherlands 10 million
Argentina 10 million
South Africa 10 million

14. The Highest LinkedIn Audience in the World is Bermuda, With 104.8%.

The United States is responsible for the most traffic and userbase on the application. However, they come 7th on the list based on audience reach among the top countries in the world.

Country Audience Breach
Bermuda 104.8%
American Samoa 101.8%
Cayman Islands 94.2%
Iceland 93.9%
Andorra 84.4%
US Virgin Islands 78.3%
United States 72.8%
Netherlands 70.9%
UAE 70.0%
Aruba 66.0%

15. In March 2021, High Levels of Inactivity Were Noticed Among 51.5% of LinkedIn Users in the United States.    

The exact cause of this isn’t known, but there are usually downtimes on social media platforms. This could have affected the number of users online, increasing the number of those offline or inactive. 

16. The United States of America has 5.7% of its LinkedIn Users Active at Least 2/3 Every Month.

They are classified as heavy users due to their usage every month. This frequency makes the United States stand out as the country with the highest traffic. 

17. In the United States, 84% of its Users Use LinkedIn to Establish a Professional Network.

This expands and upholds the application’s primary purpose, making it a professional platform for business people, job seekers, and employers.

LinkedIn Demographics

LinkedIn Demographics

This usage session is targeted at age categories, gender, and location.

18. The Males on LinkedIn Account for 57.2%, While the Females are About 42.8%.

It’s important to note that men are more active than women in matters that comprise competence. This is also because more men are in the job market than women.

19. 59.1% of LinkedIn Users Are in the Age Range of 25 and 34.

This is the age range at which most people resort to LinkedIn to find jobs and establish connections. The unemployment rate is high among people of this age group. Also, most individuals between ages 25 and 34 are at the peak of their careers, looking to improve their skills, seeking jobs, or scouting new opportunities. Notably, it is the age range with the highest percentage of LinkedIn users.

20. Over 75% of LinkedIn Users are Outside the United States. 

Compared to the number of users outside the United States, the region holds only 15% of the platform’s total population. This is high, considering the United States as a single country, and the 75% outside the US is shared among other regions worldwide.

21. In the US, Males on LinkedIn are About 52.1%, and Females are About 47.9%.

This is still due to the high number of males in the job market and the pressure they are applying to search.

22. The US has the Most LinkedIn Users Within the Age Range of 25 to 34.

The majority is 59.1%, which is higher than others due to experience level and business maturity.

23. In the US, 36% of Males Use LinkedIn Online Compared to 28% of Females.

This still shows the superiority of the male gender in the application as a whole. However, the percentage of females could grow higher as the years pass.

24. 40% of Internet Users Who Access LinkedIn are Between the Ages of 46 to 55.

This shows several age categories on the app, with the remaining 60% divided into other age categories.

25. 20.4% of LinkedIn Worldwide Users are Millennials.

Millennials are people born between the 1981 and 1996 timeframe. This set of people in 2023 would be around 27 and 42 years old. Some may already be on their preferred career paths and find LinkedIn less helpful.

26. In the US, an Average User on LinkedIn Earns $46,600 Per Year.

Revenue can be generated from jobs, gigs, and short- and long-term contracts. Although the sum may not be up to $46,600 for some individuals, it could be higher for others.

27. Since 2021, Over 9 Million People Have Subscribed to the Creator Mode on LinkedIn.

Creator mode on LinkedIn is a feature that allows users to enhance their profiles for content creation and engagement, enabling them to share insights and build their brand on the platform. This indicates a growing interest in using LinkedIn for content creation and networking among professionals. 

28. The Number of Decision-makers on the LinkedIn Application is Over 65 Million.

With over 65 million of them, the platform is a significant hub for professionals with influential roles within their organizations. It underscores the potential for networking, B2B marketing, and business development opportunities on the platform, making it a valuable resource for businesses and professionals.

29. Seventeen Million Leaders in Public Opinion Have Official Accounts on LinkedIn.

The fact that there are over 17 million opinion leaders on LinkedIn underscores the platform’s role as a hub for thought leadership and industry expertise. Opinion leaders significantly influence their respective fields and can shape discussions and trends.

30. There are 36 Global LinkedIn Offices, With 10 of Them in the US.

This distribution of offices demonstrates the platform’s commitment to serving a global audience and supporting its user base across various regions. Given the platform’s significant user base in the country, the US offices likely play a pivotal role in LinkedIn’s operations.

31. The Language Storage Bank on LinkedIn is Up to 26. 

LinkedIn’s availability in 26 languages showcases its commitment to being a global professional networking platform. This multilingual approach allows users from diverse linguistic backgrounds to access and engage with the platform in their native languages.

LinkedIn Business Statistics

Business Stats

32. LinkedIn has Over 58.4 Million Companies Listed on its Platform.

This underscores LinkedIn’s role as a valuable resource for professional networking, job searching, and business development.

33. Most LinkedIn Users, Specifically 4 Out of 5, Hold Decision-making Roles.

Decision-makers often use LinkedIn to connect with peers, explore business opportunities, and stay informed about industry trends. This statistic suggests that LinkedIn is valuable for reaching and engaging with key professionals who can influence business decisions and partnerships.

34. 73% of Buyers Express Greater Interest in Sales Professionals Who Initiate Contact With Them Through LinkedIn.

This suggests that LinkedIn can be a valuable platform to connect with potential clients. Also, it shows that buyers are open to engaging with salespeople through this channel. It underscores the importance of building a professional and compelling LinkedIn presence for sales and business development efforts. 

35. LinkedIn Experienced a Substantial 88% Year-over-year Increase in Confirmed Hires as of the Fourth Quarter of 2022.

This substantial increase indicates that more and more employers and job seekers are using LinkedIn to connect and facilitate recruitment processes. It reflects the platform’s primary resource for job recruitment and professional networking.

36. In 2022, LinkedIn Recorded a Notable 26.2% Year-over-year Growth in its Revenue.

This growth includes premium memberships and advertising solutions that have successfully generated revenue. It also reflects the platform’s enduring value to users and businesses, contributing to its financial success.

37. LinkedIn Hosts an Extensive Collection of Over 10,000 Business-to-business Software Product Pages on its Platform.

These product pages are valuable resources for companies to showcase their software solutions. They can also connect with potential clients and engage in discussions related to their products. It highlights the diversity and depth of B2B offerings available on LinkedIn, making it a significant platform for the tech space and beyond.

This substantial growth indicates that more employers rely on LinkedIn for recruitment, and job seekers actively use the platform to secure new opportunities. It underlines LinkedIn’s continued importance as a job search and hiring platform within the professional landscape.

39. According to a Survey of B2B Marketers, LinkedIn is the Most Potent Channel for Generating High-quality Leads.

In a survey, B2B marketers found that LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for generating high-quality leads, with 40% of respondents supporting it. This suggests businesses looking to connect with other companies and professionals find LinkedIn a valuable resource.

Following the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a significant increase in the number of people using LinkedIn to search for remote work opportunities. The surge in remote work-related searches indicates a shift in job preferences and work arrangements due to the pandemic.

41. As of 2023, LinkedIn Boasts a Staggering 65 Million Decision-makers Among its User Base.

As of 2023, LinkedIn has an impressive 65 million decision-makers among its users. Decision-makers are individuals within organizations who have authority and influence in making crucial business decisions. This statistic underscores LinkedIn’s significance as a platform for networking with influential professionals.

42. LinkedIn Claims a Substantial 50% Share of the Social Media Traffic Directed Towards B2B Blogs and Websites.

LinkedIn is pivotal in driving traffic to B2B blogs and websites, accounting for half of the social media traffic other platforms receive. This demonstrates LinkedIn’s effectiveness as a platform for promoting and sharing B2B content.

43. Regarding Business Engagement, LinkedIn Live Streams Outshine Regular Videos, Generating 7x More Reactions and a Remarkable 24x More Comments.

LinkedIn Live streams, a feature for real-time video broadcasting, are exceptionally effective in engaging businesses. They garner seven times more reactions (such as likes and emojis) and a staggering 24 times more comments than regular videos, making them a valuable tool for business outreach and communication.

44. LinkedIn Study Reveals Distribution of Decision-Makers Across Company Sizes.

According to a comprehensive LinkedIn study encompassing 1.7 million decision-makers on the platform, the distribution of decision-maker employers by company size is as follows:

Company Size Decision-maker Employers
Enterprise 26% (10,000+ employees)
Mid-Market 27% (500 – 9,999)
SMB 47% (under 500)

Based on a study of 1.7 million decision-makers on LinkedIn, the data shows the distribution of these professionals across different company sizes. This information can be helpful for businesses and professionals looking to target specific segments of decision-makers based on the size of their organizations.

45. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Boasts a Remarkable +7% Increase in Closing Deal Success and a Substantial +18% Boost in Customer Acquisition for Users.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a premium tool for sales professionals, leads to a +7% higher win rate in closing deals and provides an impressive +18% increase in the pipeline for finding potential customers. This indicates that this tool can significantly enhance sales effectiveness and lead generation.

46. An Impressive 93% of B2B Content Marketers Harness the Power of LinkedIn for Their Organic Social Marketing Efforts.

An impressive 93% of B2B content marketers utilize LinkedIn for organic social marketing. This reflects LinkedIn’s prominence as a platform for sharing and promoting B2B content.

47. According to 77% of Content Marketers, LinkedIn is the Platform Delivering the Most Impressive Organic Results.

According to 77% of content marketers, LinkedIn is the top performer in delivering organic results. This suggests that organic content on LinkedIn has a substantial reach and impact.

Enlightening LinkedIn User Statistics

Enlightening User Stats

48. A Significant 75% of B2B Content Marketers Leverage LinkedIn Ads as a Marketing Strategy.

About 75% of B2B content marketers incorporate LinkedIn ads into their marketing strategies. This indicates the popularity of LinkedIn’s advertising platform for reaching a B2B audience.

49. The Consensus Among Content Marketers is Clear, With 79% Agreeing that LinkedIn Ads Yield the Most Substantial Results.

LinkedIn Ads are highly effective, with 79% of content marketers reporting delivering the best results among advertising options. This emphasizes the value of advertising on LinkedIn.

50. A Striking 97% of B2B Marketers Incorporate LinkedIn into Their Content Marketing Strategies.

An overwhelming 97% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their content marketing strategy. This underscores LinkedIn’s integral role in B2B marketing efforts.

51. LinkedIn Posts Containing 1900-2000 Words Exhibit the Highest Performance and Engagement Rates, Solidifying the Reign of Long-form Content on the Platform.

LinkedIn posts containing 1900-2000 words exhibit the best performance and engagement rates. This signifies that more extended, in-depth content resonates well with the LinkedIn audience.

52. Posts With Titles Spanning 40-50 Characters Achieve the Highest Performance Rates.

Posts with titles ranging from 40-50 characters achieve the highest performance rate. This insight suggests that concise and attention-grabbing titles are effective on LinkedIn.

53. An Impressive 60% of LinkedIn Users Joined the Platform to Gain Valuable Industry Insights.

This number of users makes LinkedIn a valuable hub for sharing industry-specific knowledge and information.

54. LinkedIn Users Collectively View an Astonishing 280 Billion Feed Updates Annually.

LinkedIn users collectively view a staggering 280 billion feed updates annually, showcasing the platform’s high user engagement and content consumption.

55. LinkedIn Outshines Job Postings With 15 Times More Content Impressions.

The platform generates 15 times more content impressions than regular job postings, highlighting the importance of content marketing and knowledge-sharing on the platform.

56. More Than 1 Million LinkedIn Members Publish Fresh Content Weekly.

Over 1 million LinkedIn members publish content weekly, showcasing the platform’s thriving community of content creators and thought leaders.

57. Businesses With an Active LinkedIn Page Enjoy Five Times More Page Views, Seven Times More Impressions, and a Remarkable Eleven Times More Clicks Per Follower.

Businesses with active LinkedIn Pages receive five times more page views, seven times more impressions, and 11 times more clicks per follower. This emphasizes the advantages of maintaining an engaging LinkedIn presence.

58. Consistent Weekly Posting on LinkedIn Results in a Twofold Increase in Business Engagement, Fueling Growth and Visibility on the Platform.

Businesses that post weekly on LinkedIn witness a two-fold increase in engagement. This underscores the significance of regular content sharing in maintaining and growing audience engagement on the platform. 

59. 45% of Those Who Read LinkedIn Content are Individuals Holding High-ranking Executive Roles.

This implies that many people engaging with content on LinkedIn are prominent individuals who are probably looking for good business improvement ideas.

60. Posts with Images on LinkedIn Get as Much as 2x the Engagement of a Text-only Post.

The reason is that images draw viewers’ attention to a post more effortlessly by making the center stand out in a crowded feed.

61. According to Okdork’s Research, Posts With up to 8 Images on LinkedIn Get the Most Engagement.

A multi-image post can aid storytellers in crafting their posts with enough visuals to captivate the audience better. The moderation in the number of images provides visual appeal and does not overwhelm the readers. An overview of the number of images on LinkedIn posts and the engagement:

The Number of Images Average LinkedIn Views
0 6,413
1 15,042
2 17,516
3 17,616
4 23,810
5 18,627
6 14,429
7 17,504
8 57,575
9 20,442
10 23,005
11 33,549

62. LinkedIn Video Posts Have 20 Times a Chance of Being Shared.

Due to how exciting video content can be, people have the urge to want to spread it around. Also, videos can sustain attention for a longer time. If it is a good-quality, relevant, and short video, it will improve the content analytics.

63. A Single LinkedIn Ad Reaches 14.6% of the Global Population.

Like other social media, LinkedIn has a user base consisting of a large portion of the world’s population. Therefore, ads placed here can do so much in audience reach.

Must Know LinkedIn Statistics

Must Know Stats

64. Businesses Buying Intent has Risen by 33% Due to LinkedIn’s Ad Exposure.

Considering the fantastic statistics regarding the performance and visibility of LinkedIn ads, it’s not surprising to notice growth in the buying intent of business owners and individuals interested in the advertised product.

65. Google Ads Cost 28% More Than LinkedIn’s Cost Per Lead.

LinkedIn is relatively cheaper when compared to the cost of advertising on Google. 

66. LinkedIn’s Ad Reach Increased by 22 Million People in the First Quarter of 2022.

Due to the growth rate of LinkedIn’s user base and continual investment in its advertising platform, businesses can now have more reach to their prospective buyers. 

67. 82% of B2B Marketers Say LinkedIn is the Most Successful Social Media Platform.

This makes LinkedIn a perfect place for B2B marketers to target their audience to achieve their marketing goals. The platform is ideal for generating leads and building relationships with potential customers.

68. LinkedIn Audiences Who Frequently Come in Contact With Business and Acquisition Messages are 6x More Likely to Convert.

LinkedIn allows businesses to target particular audiences based on job title, age, location, etc. Then, conversion becomes easy once people continually contact those businesses.

69. More Than 50% of LinkedIn Marketers Want to Run Product and Demand Campaigns Simultaneously.

This implies they want to use LinkedIn ads to promote their business and generate leads simultaneously. This is a good strategy because it allows businesses to reach their target audience easier.

70. LinkedIn Wants B2B Marketers to Spend More On-demand Marketing Because it Focuses More on Generating Leads and Converting Them to Buyers.

According to LinkedIn, B2B marketers should allocate about 46% of their budget to product marketing while leaving 54% for demand marketing to create, capture, and convert demand effectively into revenue.

71. Per the Opinion of 69% of Marketers, Hyper-targeting Will Yield More Fruit Than a More Comprehensive Approach.

Hyper-targeting is a marketing strategy that uses targeted messages to reach a specific and narrow audience. On the other hand, a more comprehensive approach involves sending the same message to a larger and more general audience. Hyper-targeting is more effective.

72. 54% of Marketers Have Switched to Account-based Marketing, and Marketers Planning to Increase Their Budget in it Have Risen to 80%.

Account-based marketing is about building long-term customer relationships rather than generating leads and closing sales. This marketing type helps businesses grow by simplifying how campaigns are tracked and measured.

73. Images With a Higher Resolution Generate 38% Higher CTR.

It is better to upload images with higher resolution on LinkedIn because they are more appealing to the eyes and they are easy to understand. This is useful on social media, where users are fond of quickly scrolling through.

74. The Ideal Size of Images for LinkedIn Posts is 1200×627 Pixel.

This size of ideas is well-optimized for LinkedIn’s mobile and desktop feeds, and this will make the image displayed at the highest quality. These images will help you to target your audience and achieve your marketing goals.

75. You Get Four Times More Leads When You Add a Lead Generation Form to Your Messaging Ads.

Lead nurturing forms make it easy for prospects to sign up for your email notifications without leaving the app. It would be best to make your form short and straight to the point. If you offer a valuable incentive, people will likely fill out the form quickly. It could be a lead magnet like a free e-book.

76. LinkedIn has Generated About 2 to 5 Times the ROAS (Return on Ad Spent).

LinkedIn ads have proven effective in driving sales and revenue for technology companies. This is because the social media platform is well suited for people inclined to technology.

77. LinkedIn has Generated Seven Times More Customer Sign-ups.

The number of engaged audience of professionals is large. This includes decision-makers at many financial services companies. LinkedIn ads are a perfect way to target these professionals with personalized messages that will likely make customers sign up.

78. LinkedIn was 2 to 4 Times More Effective at Generating Interest in Educational Content Than Other Display Media.

This explains that LinkedIn was better at getting people interested in Taking a course or making people consider attending a school. LinkedIn is more interested in education and career development than any other platform.

This results from updating its sponsored Messaging platform to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a privacy law.

80. LinkedIn is a Significant Platform for Industry Events, With 24,000 Events Created and 1.5 Million RSVPs Received Weekly in the Last Quarter of 2022.

LinkedIn is a great place to search for industry events and attend. Other features make LinkedIn suitable for organizing and promoting events. Businesses can use this to their advantage by attending such events and reaching a large audience of potential customers.

Learning Statistics on LinkedIn

Learning Stats

81. LinkedIn has a Workforce of Over 21,000 Full-time Employees.

LinkedIn is a large and successful company with a global presence committed to employing labor to meet customers’ needs.

82. LinkedIn Celebrated its 19th Anniversary on May 5, 2022.

Linked was founded in 2002 and launched on May 5, 2023. It has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 830 million members in more than 200 countries and territories. Professionals connect on LinkedIn.

83. You are Seven Times More Likely to be Found by Other Users on LinkedIn if You Have a Profile Picture.

LinkedIn uses algorithms to match users with each other and with content which are relevant to them. This algorithm considers profile pictures as one of the essential ways to identify you and serve you appropriate feeds.

84. If at Least Two Previous Work Experiences are Listed on Your LinkedIn Profile, Your Chances of Getting Seen and Hired are 12 Times Higher.

LinkedIn allows you to connect with past and present colleagues and potential employers. Employees usually try to find qualified individuals for their positions from LinkedIn to learn about their work experiences and more.

85. LinkedIn has Recorded 11 Billion Endorsements From its Members.

Endorsements are ways in which members support each other’s skills and experience. When you have worked with people on a project on the platform, and their skills impressed you, you could endorse them on those skills. These endorsements help members build a professional reputation and network with others on the platform. If you have any, these endorsements appear on your profile, and your hirers can see them. 

86. Globally, LinkedIn is the Social Media Platform That Users Trust the Most.

This reputation is based on specific criteria, focusing on professional networking and career development. It also enforces strict policies on misinformation and spam. It is committed to protecting the privacy of its users.

87. LinkedIn’s Most In-Demand Skills for 2023.

  • App Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Basic Coding
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud Computing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Project Management
  • SQL

88. LinkedIn’s Most In-Demand Soft Skills.

  • Digital Literacy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Proactiveness
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Take Initiative

89. LinkedIn Learning Was Formerly Known as Lynda.

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform offering business, technology, personal development, and creative skills courses. It was previously known as until its acquisition by LinkedIn in 2015. Small Businesses use it to train their employees on new technologies and skills.

90. Over 20,800 Courses are Available in 11 Languages on LinkedIn Learning.

This makes it possible to learn new skills from the comfort of your home and couch. You can also choose your language if it’s available.

91. There are Over 27 Million People Who are Currently Using LinkedIn Learning.

This emphasizes the platform’s usefulness as a great place to learn and improve one’s skills and get certified.

92. LinkedIn Learning Offers a One-month Free Trial.

This is a beautiful opportunity to see if the platform is right for you. Once your trial ends, you must subscribe for a monthly or annual fee.

93. LinkedIn Learning Releases 50 New Courses Every Week.

This implies that there is always something new on the platform. This is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in business, technology, and much more.

94. Linked Learning Costs $39.99 Monthly and $239.88 Yearly.

In other words, you can save $20 monthly by subscribing to the yearly plan. The monthly plan might be a better option for occasional LinkedIn Learning users.

95. Lynda Was Founded in 1995 by Lynda Weinman.

It initially offered courses on business, technology, and creative skills. In 2015, LinkedIn acquired and renamed it LinkedIn Learning.


LinkedIn may not be among the top three social media platforms, but it has relevance in today’s world affairs. It’s significant for building connections, maintaining relationships, and securing job opportunities. Aside from these benefits, LinkedIn poses a reliable platform for job seekers across the globe. 

The statistics on LinkedIn as a global platform are displayed in this write-up, showing its progress, impact, and future in the technology and communication industry. More people are signing up on the platform, and as the digital age progresses, there could be more advancements for its new and old-time users.


Who are the most significant users of LinkedIn?

The largest age demographic on LinkedIn comprises individuals between 25 and 34 years old, accounting for 60% of the platform’s user population. Following closely, the 18-24 age group constitutes the second-largest segment, making up 21.7% of LinkedIn users, while individuals aged 35-54 represent the third-largest group at 15.4%. In contrast, only 2.9% of LinkedIn’s user base comprises individuals aged 55 and older.

Which country uses LinkedIn the most?

The United States of America comes first with over 210 million users, followed by India and Brazil.

How do I get verified on LinkedIn in 2023?

Users can go through the steps listed below to get verified on LinkedIn. 1. Click “More” on your LinkedIn profile; 2. Select “About this profile” from the dropdown menu; 3. Click “Verify now” to initiate the verification process; 4. You will be directed to the verification process through CLEAR; 5. Enter your phone number or email as prompted; and 6. Follow the instructions on the CLEAR verification page to complete the verification process for your LinkedIn profile.

How to make money on LinkedIn in 2023?

There are a couple of ways to make money on LinkedIn. Some include using LinkedIn learning, starting a blog on the platform, building an audience and getting paid for influencing, finding a job, or becoming a business opportunist.


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