5 Basic Rules For a Successful Instagram Account

5 Basic Rules For a Successful Instagram Account

Instagram is used by all sorts of people, from simple people to politicians, businesses, and celebrities. The website is a great way to boost your popularity, promote products or services, spread information on specific topics, and even keep in touch with loved ones.

While some have to buy Instagram likes for cheap at SocialsGrow to get more engagement for their posts, celebrities do much better on this site. For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo has 911 million followers on his Instagram account, Selena Gomez has 689 million, and Justin Bieber has 593.4 billion.

You have the potential to grow with the right Instagram marketing strategy, whether you are a company trying to attract new customers or your goal is to become an influencer. However, in order to have a successful Instagram account, you must follow some rules.

This post will go in-depth about 5 basic rules for a successful Instagram account. Here are some tips that will help you grow on Instagram and taste success. Let’s get started!

Instagram Marketing – Explanation and Importance

People who open an Instagram account for the first time often don’t think about creating a marketing strategy. After all, they usually make their Instagram accounts for general reasons, like communicating with their loved ones, posting photos or Instagram reels and videos, and seeing what others post on the platform.

An Instagram marketing strategy focuses on the way one acts, posts, and engages with the Instagram audience. The goal of marketing is to help gain more followers, website traffic, and brand awareness, and even have the power to influence sales.

To make Instagram marketing work, you need a good strategy in place. Not making efforts to grow your Instagram would be a mistake, as it could slow your progress or even stop you from achieving success.

On the other hand, a well-established strategy can bring you success, whether you’re an aspiring influencer or a new company.

Why Having an Instagram Marketing Strategy Is the Right Decision

Being active on Instagram and making Instagram posts is an excellent way to make yourself seen or heard. Now, this is different for each individual.

For the casual Instagram user, this is merely a way to keep friends and family members updated about personal matters.

For companies, it’s a method to update the audience about their products or services, inform them about new things they did, and even interact with potential customers to attract new followers.

With Instagram’s help, you can reach your target audience whether you’re a new competitor or an experienced one. The app is straightforward, allowing for a smooth transition even for those who aren’t tech-savvy and create their first Instagram account.

Reasons for Using Instagram

But why is it such a good idea to take advantage of Instagram? Well, here are some reasons:

  • Instagram lets you collect customer data
  • It’s one of the largest social media platforms in the world
  • You can start partnerships with influencers in the same niche
  • It allows you to improve and expand a marketing strategy
  • It’s easy to keep updated about consumer trends
  • You can easily tie bonds with various businesses
  • It allows you to present background information about your firm
  • You can spy on your competitors and see how they handle Instagram in order to become successful
  • With this social media app, it’s easier to interact with your audience
  • You can start selling your products through Instagram
  • It gives you or your brand a personality or face

Your mere Instagram presence is not enough to see your popularity explode on the social media site. You should work hard to attract new Instagram users and post quality content, which takes time.

5 Steps to Be Successful on Instagram

Are you ready to show other Instagram users what you’re capable of? If you want to be successful on the platform, you need an Instagram strategy that helps bring you more website traffic and followers. This often involves a specific way of creating relevant content, a good posting schedule, and optimizing your Instagram page.

If you want to see good social marketing results, here are 5 basic rules to make your Instagram account popular.

1. Take Advantage of Instagram Hashtags

Let’s be honest – it’s hard to come across Instagram posts without hashtags nowadays, particularly when they come from a business account, an influencer, or a celebrity. You will find photos or videos with specific hashtags as you browse your Instagram feed. These either represent trends or are specific to the business that uses them.

Hashtags increase engagement by letting users track your content and even helping them categorize your content. By inserting relevant hashtags into your post descriptions, you can get more engagement and boost your likes, comments, and followers.

Now, simply using hashtags is not enough. You need to use the right hashtags, which are influenced by the type of content you post in the first place.

If you join any trends, there may be hashtags associated with this trend. Insert these into the description of your post, and chances are your video/photo will pop up for other people as well, which is a quick way to expand your audience by bringing new people in.

The Use of Branded Hashtags

However, one of the best ways to use hashtags is by adding branded hashtags to your content. These are unique hashtags that are specific to your brand.

People will find you by that tag when they want to see your content, and they’ll come to associate it with you. On top of that, fans might use that hashtag as a way to interact with you.

While hashtag use is essential, you shouldn’t overdo it. Posts that are too promotional and use hashtags solely in order to drive sales are very obvious, and people won’t like them.

2. Pay Attention to Your Content

Content is the main attraction of any Instagram account. Anyone who follows you will want to see your posts, whether that involves Instagram photos, reels, or stories.

But posting just any image you come across isn’t enough: everything you put on your profile must be relevant, valuable, and helpful. Moreover, you shouldn’t post content just the way it is – paying attention to the quality and color scheme is also crucial to your success on this social media platform.

First things first, you need to diversify your content. Sure, selling your products may be your main focus, but that doesn’t mean you should spam your Instagram followers with photos of the items you have on the shelves. It looks overly promotional and makes it seem like you don’t care about your audience.

Instead, post different content types that reveal who you are behind the account. Accompany product-related posts with user generated content like customer experiences with your services, memes, and even behind-the-scenes looks.

Play With Formats and Colors Until You Find the Right “Recipe”

Don’t hesitate to use different formats as well. Aside from regular posts, you should also go for Instagram stories and reels. In fact, you may even invest in Instagram ads if you have the funds and a good plan for a campaign.

All posts should be high-quality ones – the photos should be clear, beautiful, and catchy. The videos should follow the same rules. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the color scheme. Choose one that represents your brand, and use that regularly in your posts.

Also, make sure you use the proper Instagram captions – they matter as well!

3. Figure Out Your Goals

One of the best Instagram insights you should learn about is defining your goals. Don’t just start your social media marketing strategy without a clear image of what you want to achieve moving forward, as it would make it hard to plan for the future when you don’t even know what you want.

Ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve by being active on Instagram. Is it a desire to increase sales or bring more traffic to your website? Perhaps you want to create more brand awareness instead or give your audience a way to interact with you more directly and see the human mind behind the company.

Finding out your goals will tell you what content you should post to attract the right audience.

4. Create a Consistent Posting Schedule

If you ask any content strategy expert how to make your account more successful, you’ll probably keep hearing about the importance of posting consistently. Many people assume that once they convince their target audience to follow them, they will not have to work too hard to keep them around. However, posting too rarely will look like a lack of interest from you.

Showing up in your audience’s timeline will depend on how often you post. Instagram accounts that follow you are probably active at certain times of the day. With an Instagram analytics tool, you’ll learn when these times are so you can stick to posting your content at the right time.

But it’s also essential to post consistently every week. Some brands post something every day, while others stick to once or twice a week. See what works for you, but keep it going.

Your audience should know when to expect some activity from you. At the same time, the Instagram algorithm will learn your activity and influence how often you show up on everyone’s timeline.

5. Interact with Your Users

A mistake many brands make when working to become more successful is not interacting with their audiences. While you cannot respond to all direct messages you receive, especially if you’re a huge brand with thousands of followers, you can try to like your admirers’ comments and even respond to some of them.

When you create content, and your followers ask questions in the comments, this is the perfect opportunity to respond and show them that you care about their needs. Furthermore, if someone praises your products and work, thanking them is an excellent way to retain followers and attract new ones simultaneously.

Besides, if someone creates content relevant to your industry, you should interact with it and show your appreciation – primarily if someone records themselves using your products. This is also a great way to repost user generated content on your profile.

Make an effort to talk to your fans and be open to communication. This will build trust among your followers.

Final Thoughts

Creating a good Instagram strategy that involves posting good Instagram stories, photos, and reels, interacting with your followers, posting consistently, and incorporating hashtags can bring you closer to success. Use the tips in this article, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a popular Instagram creator.

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